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2014 NAB Challenge Series: Brisbane vs Gold Coast


Game number 12 of the NAB Challenge Series kicked off this afternoon, in what was a one-sided encounter between Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Good mixes of experienced and unexperienced players were selected to play this match for both the Lions and Suns. Brisbane had the bigger guns in the match though and that made a huge difference in the final result of the match. They controlled the game for a majority of the time, and the Suns’ weaker midfielders couldn’t handle the strength of Brisbane’s bigger named clearance specialists. Brisbane ran away 47 point winners on a very hot summer’s day in Townsville.


Tom Rockliff – Had a day out today in what was his first NAB Challenge match after missing out on playing in Brisbane’s first. He was dominant for a majority of the day and it showed in his final stat line where he finished with a healthy 32 disposals (75% disposal efficiency), six marks, four clearances, eight tackles and four inside 50’s for 132 SuperCoach points.

Jack Redden – Along with Rockliff – Redden was easily one of the standouts in the Brisbane line-up, finishing with a whopping 141 SuperCoach points. At just 23-years of age, Redden’s room for improvement is huge and a breakout season is certainly on the horizon for the young midfielder. The question will be whether he’s worth his price tag of $528,400 and if we were to answer the question in relation to this afternoon’s performance, then it’d be a big yes! The Lion cub today collected 28 disposals at a 71.4% disposal efficiency, six marks, five clearances, three rebound 50’s, ten tackles, three inside 50’s and two goals.

Pearce Hanley – The speedy Irishman put his skills on show against this slightly weaker Suns side. Hanley was able to create lots of space for himself and get a lot of run off half back and along the wings. With an average 70.4% disposal efficiency, he managed 27 possessions, eight marks, two rebound 50’s and three inside 50’s. A very popular selection as your second or third defender this year and so he should be, after scoring 89 SuperCoach points.

Brent Moloney – While he won’t be expected to be a hugely SuperCoach relevant player in 2014, Moloney was able to keep up with the young guns for a majority of the day. He finished with 24 disposals, five clearances, three inside 50’s and nine tackles with a total of 109 SuperCoach points. The only downside was his poor disposal efficiency, 66.7%. As Moloney ages his impact on games has slightly slowed down, but with more support throughout the midfield this year he may have a better season. He’s priced at an awkward price of $456,800, but if you want to take the risk then go for it.

Claye Beams – It was his first proper game back from an ACL injury and to be honest it was quite a solid comeback game from the young midfielder. Beams finished with just the 14 disposals, with a whopping 85.7% disposal efficiency, contributing to his 14 disposals. If Beams can stay fit and play round one, then at just $183,400 he looks as a perfect fit for a rookie spot in your midfield.

Jed Adcock – The new Brisbane captain played really well this afternoon and looked good in his first win as Lions captain. He played well off half-back collecting 22 disposals and surprisingly at a very healthy 81.8 percent efficiency. To add onto this he also had six marks, three rebound 50’s and two inside 50’s. Priced just under the $500k mark, he could be a good player of difference if he keeps playing the way he did today, despite just the 66 SuperCoach points.

Gold Coast

Harley Bennell – It was an eye-catching performance from the former number two pick, except obviously for his poor 50% disposal efficiency, which could’ve seen his SuperCoach score of 110 ramped up to 125+. In saying this he still had 20 disposals and kicked four of Gold Coast’s seven goals. The disposals efficiency is what is stopping Bennell from becoming an elite player and at just over $520k, he is a unique selection.

Matt Shaw – The speedy Sun with the golden hair had a standout performance this afternoon finishing with 20 disposals and 76 SuperCoach points. The 65% disposal efficiency let him down a little bit, but he also had four clearances and three inside 50’s. Probably not overly SuperCoach relevant just yet but he certainty could become one in the near future.

Jackson Allen – He’s cheap and he’s good. Young Jackson Allen picked up 17 disposals today with 70.6% disposal efficiency, took four marks, had two rebound 50’s, and had three inside 50’s. At $197,800, Allen could be a good selection for your defence if he plays and especially if young Kade Kolodjashnij doesn’t feature early in the year, after finishing with 67 SuperCoach points.

Jeremy Taylor – The young Gold Coast defender who’s is priced at just $130,300 in 2014 had quite a game, despite the final result of the match. He only had the 13 disposals but to have a disposal efficiency of 92.3% is outstanding. Five marks and two tackles went along with his 48 SuperCoach points.

Jack Martin – He’s one player everyone wants to know about and unfortunately today he didn’t exactly light it up like most people were expecting. Martin’s weight and slim build is something that has stopped him from impressing and doing the things he’s been excelling at, in a lower level during the past 12 months. Despite his really good disposal efficiency, Martin could only gather the 11 disposals, two clearances and eight tackles finishing with just 69 points. A lot of people will have gone cold on him at this stage, with his scoring output failing to mirror his price tag.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Luke

    February 23, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    Do you know why Kade hasn’t played yet is he suffering a injury?

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