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5 Forwards Who Became Popular

Regardless of their social lives outside of football, SuperCoach is always going to unearth players who literally no one had considered when the season started. This in itself is enough to give them the ‘popular’ tag. Whether it’s a new (mature age) kid on the block or someone who had only just got back to playing footy, we look at five forwards who became popular in 2017.

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He had 10 scores that reached triple figures and many more that were extremely close. When West Coast took on North Melbourne in Round 1, Elliot Yeo was in just 1.8% of teams. From that point on (with a score of 139), the Eagle started popping into many more teams. At the end of the season, he averaged 102 (not bad for a forward this year!), was in 45.3% of teams and his highest score was 150.

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Hugh Greenwood was late to the party, but still, everyone got around him like he was the birthday boy. He went from being in just 3.5% of teams in Round 9 to 22.4% in Round 10, before almost doubling that (43.2%) the following week. Despite finishing in 36.5% of teams in Round 22, he peaked in Round 15 (in 45.9% of teams). Greenwood’s season was mixed with scores of 51 and 59 at the bottom end, while more impressively scores of 114 and 127 at the top end.

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Swans forward listed SuperCoach player Isaac Heeney, stepped up his game in 2017, lifting his season average to 97.6, after finishing with 79.6 in 2016. The 21-year-old finished in around a quarter of SuperCoach sides – but his start to the season was a different story. With his first game coming in Round 5, Heeney was only in 1.8% of teams. Fast-forward to the end of 2017, and the boy with blonde locks had secured his place in 26% of teams.

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It must be admitted that Jack Macrae was popular at the beginning of the season – but not the most popular Bulldog about when it came to SuperCoach. By the end of the year though he had doubled the number of teams he was in. It wasn’t smooth sailing though. Despite scores of 92 and 98 in the opening rounds, Macrae actually found himself in fewer teams than at the start of the season. As his scores got higher – so did his ownership. From his 22 games, he brought up triple figures 15 teams – with his highest score 162.

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13.8% of people started with the Port Adelaide big-man, and at an opening price of $418,000 – you couldn’t really blame anyone for taking the risk. His start to the season wasn’t too great – but his output was nonetheless respectable for his price. With his ownership starting to fall, scores of 95, 139 and 115 between Rounds 6 and 8 saw people start to show some faith. By the end of the year, triple-figure scores were flowing more frequently and his name was being tossed up in All-Australian calculations.

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