5 Most Underrated Midfielders of 2017

Patrick Dangerfield. Dustin Martin. Tom Mitchell. I’ll level with you all: it’s getting a bit repetitive just rolling off these names time and time again when it comes to talking about some of the best SuperCoach midfielders in Season 2017, and to be honest, it just wouldn’t be worth anyone’s time for me to ramble on about the top-five scoring midfielders AGAIN. So I’m going to promise to try a little bit harder for you guys today and look at five of the most underrated midfielders in SuperCoach this year:

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The younger of the Crouch brothers, Matt had an outstanding season in 2017 but didn’t seem to receive the recognition that fellow midfielders in his weight division received. With an average of over 110 points, he actually finished the season as the sixth-highest scorer in the competition, 10 points clear of the much more popular teammate Rory Sloane. Crouch was also one of just seven players priced at over $600,000, partly due to his blistering form in the SuperCoach Finals, where he scored 139 or more in three of the last four games of the season. Despite all of this, Crouch spent most of the season being owned by less than 3% of the SuperCoach population, before his stocks began to rise towards the back end of the year.

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It’s probably difficult to get noticed when you have to fight Patrick Dangerfield and Joel Selwood for the midfield spotlight, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Duncan had a fantastic season this year. 14 centuries and just two scores below 90 contributed greatly to his season average of 109.8, and his finish to the season was blistering, with centuries in his final seven games establishing a true marker of consistency. He finished the year as the 14th-highest scorer in the league despite missing one game, which only adds to the mystery as to why he was never owned by more than 2% of SuperCoaches.

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Often forgotten in a Port Adelaide midfield where Ollie Wines and Robbie Gray received most of the plaudits and attention, and as a result, Brad Ebert flew heavily under the radar this year despite being such a prolific scorer.  At the halfway mark of the season, Ebert’s average of 111.7 was enough to rival some of the best midfielders in the game. Consecutive mid-season scores of 58 and going century-less in his final five matches took the gloss of his average, but he still managed to finish the season with a triple-figure season average, but despite such strong early-season form, his SuperCoach ownership peaked late in the season at just 5%.

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The second Cat to appear on this list, and much like the aforementioned Duncan, Sam Menegola also proved himself to be a super-consistent scorer this season, even if he wasn’t awarded the praise he should’ve been. Menegola missed three of the first five games of the season, but once he settled into 2017, he started to flourish in the midfield, finishing the year with an average of 100.4 points. He certainly wouldn’t have been quality captaincy material, but his ability to regularly produce a score of somewhere around the 100-point mark would’ve been a relief for SuperCoaches looking for a guarantee in the midfield. Despite his consistency around the 100-point average mark, it took until Round 21 for a whole 1% of SuperCoaches to get Menegola into their side. .

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Despite being prone to the odd low score during the season, on the whole, Seb Ross was a quality unique selection, hitting the triple-figure 13 times in 22 games, and scoring 90 on another three occasions. By Round 16 he had achieved 11 centuries and just one score below 84 in 15 appearances, but a barren run of just two centuries in his final seven games hurt his average, as he fell from an average of over 105 points to 101.  Ironically, his slump in form coincided precisely with a spike in ownership, as he jumped from 0.9% to 1.4% within a week, before creeping up to 1.7% by season’s end, but Ross was still nowhere near rated highly enough given his consistent form during the first three-quarters of the season.

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