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5 SuperCoach bargains you MUST pick in 2017

For a SuperCoach fanatic, it’s never too early to put in the hard yards for the next SuperCoach season. With the release of SuperCoach Team Picker and SCP’s Strategiser, we have done our best to scan through some of the intriguing selections that could help us form an idea of how our Round one sides could look.

Early out of the blocks we have nailed down five of the best bargains that SuperCoach presents to us for season 2017.

Dayne Beams

Price: $432,500
Position: Midfielder

Arguably one of the most intriguing bargains of 2017, Dayne Beams is a must-have for your 2017 starting lineup, with the assumption he gets through pre-season without any injury troubles.

Since his move north to the Brisbane Lions from Collingwood, Beams has had problems maintaining his health – being forced to spend a large amount of time on the sidelines. Evidently, Beams has played just 37 games in his first three seasons with the Lions including a career season low of two games in 2016.

However, barring injuries Beams has been renowned as one of the league’s best midfielders and one of SuperCoach’s most consistent scorers. A career best year in 2012 (averaging 122.9 points per game) when Beams was a Magpie is evidence of his insane scoring ceiling, even with other superstars surrounding him in the middle of the ground.

Even so, if Beams was to replicate either of his 2014 or 2015 scoring averages in 2017 we’d be just as pleased. 2014 was certainly Beams’ best year in the maroon, blue and gold, managing 19 games and an average of 115.5 SuperCoach points per game. From those 19 games, he managed a massive 16 SuperCoach hundreds, nine of which were above the 120-point mark.

Injury-plagued players are always hard to lock in but you need to ignore the question marks surrounding Beams. He’s an A-grade midfielder at a ripe age of 26 in a young team that needs leadership and star players to flourish next year. For me, Beams is the first player I’ve picked in my team for 2017 – you can’t ignore the price he’s at given the quality of the player he is.

Dyson Heppell

Price: $513,300
Position: Midfielder

Much like Dayne Beams, Dyson Heppell is a quality midfielder that is way too cheap to just simply pass up on. A year off has seen Heppell’s price drop dramatically, making him a simple lock for your side in 2017.

Prior to being wiped out for the whole of 2016, Heppell was displaying some of his best individual performances. In 2015 he averaged a handy 104.8 SuperCoach games from 22 home and away games. 15 of those 22 games included SuperCoach tons with just three games below the 80-point mark – a small display of Heppell’s consistency.

Even despite the rise of a young Bombers midfield including the likes of Zach Merrett and Darcy Parish, Heppell will still be the main cog in the middle. With a fierce hunger to play some good football and entering his sixth year, expect Heppell to have a big year. Given the price he’s at right now, he could easily make you a solid $60k-$70k.

Michael Hibberd

Price: $402,200
Position: Defender

A move to Melbourne via trade in the offseason will give 26-year-old Michael Hibberd a fresh start. With the drug saga hanging over his head in 2015, Hibberd had his worst seasonal average in three years after standout years through 2013 and 2014.

At his best, Hibberd is arguably one of the best SuperCoach picks for your defence, in the competition. A career-high average of 95.9 points per game in 2013 was a tease of Hibberd’s potential, which included many performances that we should see replicated in 2017. Hibberd will most certainly slot straight into Melbourne’s best 22 with it being highly likely he’ll play a similar role to that he played with the Bombers over the past few years.

Quality ball use off the half-back line is an attribute that the Demons would love to add to their arsenal. At a price of $402,200, Hibberd’s price could rise up by $100k. A new home should be hugely beneficial for a player like Hibberd – hopefully allowing him to maintain an average between the 90-95 point range. SuperCoach presents some interesting choices down back this year but Hibberd is by far the pick of the lot.

David Swallow

Price: $280,200
Position: Midfielder

Young Sun and former number one draft pick David Swallow has been frequently known as an injury prone player. Since a career best year in 2014 Swallow struggled in both 2015 and 2016, playing only two games across the two years.

Like Beams, injury is the big reason for Swallow’s slide in price, however, a player of his calibre is always worth a look in at a price of just over $280k. By all reports Swallow has so far been travelling well, niggle free and ready to attack next year, which is a good early sign. Especially given the current state of the Gold Coast Suns, Swallow will be looked upon to bring somewhat of a leadership presence to the Suns’ midfield with the departure of fellow young stars Jaeger O’Meara and Dion Prestia via trade.

Barring his price, Swallow being a capable scorer should be more reason for you to fit him into your starting side. An average of 103.2 points in 2014, which consisted of 12 SuperCoach tons is evidence that Swallow not only has the potential to make you some money but also produce some healthy scores in the process.

It’s obvious but if Swallow can stay injury-free then he’s should be a lock, in anyone’s side. While his disposal is sometimes a worry he wins his own ball and lays a tremendous amount of tackles – two characteristics that often help accumulate a few handy points. Wait on Swallow but if he is selected Round one then that in itself should warrant a selection for your SuperCoach team.

Patrick Ryder

Price: $418,100
Position: Ruckman/Forward

If you’re looking for a cheap ruckman for your starting side then don’t look past Paddy Ryder. Like his former Essendon counterparts, Ryder sat out 2016, however, enters 2017 at a ripe price of $418,100.

Despite having his worst seasonal average year since 2009 in 2015, Port Adelaide are in serious need of a dominant ruckman after Matthew Lobbe seriously fell out of favour in Ken Hinkley’s side in 2016 – coincidently the man who effected Ryder’s time playing in the ruck in 2015.

Ryder will enter 2017 as the first-choice ruckman at Port Adelaide and like Heppell, has a hunger to prove any doubters wrong. With the ability to use his height and pace through the middle as well as down forward, Ryder has the perfect characteristics for today’s game, which screams for that X-Factor and athleticism.

A seasonal average of 100+ points isn’t foreign to Ryder, most recently with an average of 101.1 points per game in 2014 whilst with the Bombers. It may sound like a big ask but expect Ryder to average as much as 105 points per game in 2017. If not, an average of 95+ points would also result in Ryder making you a large amount of cash. If you prefer a different ruck combo for your side then slot Ryder into your forward line at either your F4 or F5 spot – the dual-position status making him even more enticing.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Meanie of Me

    February 27, 2017 at 3:03 am

    I would highly recommend *not* picking Dayne Beams as this is a VERY risky pick.

    Out of a possible 44 games he could have played since he began playing for Brisbane in 2015 (the article states 2014; however, he played for Collingwood in 2014 and was traded to Brisbane at the conclusion of the season) he has played a total of 18 games (41%) – and has never played in all 22 games of a home and away season at any stage of his career.

    So odds are, even if he plays Rd 1, he’s almost certainly going to cost you a trade during the season as history says his body just can’t cope with the rigors of a full season.

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