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Batten’s Best Buy Round 10 – Todd Goldstein

As SuperCoaches, we are faced with many tough decisions on a week-to-week basis. Dan will aim to outline the ‘best buy’ of the Round in terms of price, overall output and/or cash generation for the rest of the season.

Not to toot my horn, but it’s been a pretty good start to this new segment. This could even become a regular thing! So far, I have suggested Josh P. Kennedy (103) and Isaac Heeney (130 and 69). Admittedly, Heeney hit a speed bump, but you can’t win them all.

This week, we run the microscope over a SuperCoach favourite over the years, Todd Goldstein.

Price: $519,300
Current Average: 96.3 (8 games)
2016 average: 108.1
Predicted average from here on: 105-110
Bye: Round 12
Breakeven: 63

Before I begin, my apologies for not getting this out to you sooner. Uni got the best of me this week, and a hasty, very poorly made TV news story had to take precedence over this article going out before last night’s match.

Secondly, if you traded in Patrick Ryder like I did (albeit for Riewoldt to cover Sandi) – who scored a measly 69 last night – I am even sorrier. Funnily enough, he probably would have been my bargain buy if I’d had time to write it yesterday… Life works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?

Anyway… here is my second bite of the cherry in Todd Goldstein. Now (after last night at least), I see this man being the ideal option for those looking to move on Sandilands.

Goldy has been a SuperCoach stalwart the previous four seasons, averaging 105+ each year, including a monster 2015 seasonal average of 128.

Some may say he ‘was’ a SuperCoach stalwart. The big man began 2017 with a score of 105 but failed to reach the ton in the next month. This saw his gargantuan price of $588,400 plummet almost $100k to a measly $492,200 by Round 6.

“But why was he scoring so poorly, Dan?” you ask.

Well, it is interesting to note that Braydon Preuss* was in the team for the first four rounds of the season. While he was a nice cash grab for those who had him, Preussy sharing the ruck duties was detrimental to Goldy’s scoring, averaging just the 85 points during this period.

In Goldstein’s worst game of the season in Round 3, Preuss was North Melbourne’s number one ruck, winning 26 hit-outs compared to Goldy’s 10. Goldstein spent the majority of the time forward and scored just the 52 points as a consequence.

There were also concerns that Goldy was injured, after being a late out in Round 2.

Fast forward to now…

The past three weeks have been awfully tantalising. Dare I say it, The Todd looks to be ‘back’ in a big way. Goldstein has scored three tons on the trot against Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, averaging 117 points during this period.

Now that’s the Goldstein we know and love.

In fairness, a 2m pole could score 90+ against Cam Pedersen in the ruck, but his 17 disposals, eight tackles, 61 hitouts and 135 SuperCoach points against him last weekend was emphatic – a true 2015 Goldstein-esqe performance. Likewise, his score of 111 points against Sam Jacobs was a very fair effort.

If this doesn’t get you excited, consider his next four matches. The hit-out machine comes up against Carlton (Kreuzer), Richmond (Nankervis), St Kilda (Billy Longer) and Western Bulldogs (Boyd/English/Roughead?). I would back Goldstein to score tons in all of those games, with this week’s matchup against Kreuzer being the only real question mark.

Did I mention he also has the elusive Round 12 bye? Heard just a bit of rumour around the SuperCoach land that people are struggling to field 18 for Rounds 11 and 13. How convenient!

You would be essentially trading him in for two weeks before he goes on a bye, but considering the lack of Round 12 bye players and his low breakeven of 63, it is a worthy trade – especially as Sandilands’ bye falls in Round 13.

I can’t see Goldstein returning to his 120+ average days, but I can definitely see him going 105-110 from here. At a price-tag of just $519,300, it screams value.

Ignore him at your peril, SuperCoaches.

*Preuss has also been added to North Melbourne’s Sunday squad… be sure to look out for Sunday teams TONIGHT before making your move!*


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