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Batten’s Best Buy Round 13 – Marcus Bontempelli

As SuperCoaches, we are faced with many tough decisions on a week-to-week basis. Dan will aim to outline the ‘best buy’ of the Round in terms of price, overall output and/or cash generation for the rest of the season.

Previous BBB’s: Isaac Heeney (Round 8), Josh P. Kennedy (Round 9), Todd Goldstein (Round 10), Joel Selwood (Round 11), Tom J. Lynch (Round 12

Tommy Lynch was on 68 at half-time last week but only got to 103, which is still a very solid total. Selwood succumbed to a very hard tag last night and scored poorly, while Heeney is proving to be the best of the bunch after another 130 last week.

Overall this list is faring alright, and it gets better with the addition of Marcus Bontempelli

Marcus Bontempelli

Price: $525,500
Current Average: 111.4 (11 games)
2016 average: 107.7
Predicted average from here on: 115
Breakeven: 128

Boy, there’s been a steaming load of carnage about the place.

Nat Fyfe playing through an apparent chest injury, the gangly giant Aaron Sandilands missing again last week.

Now, Jack ‘time on ground’ Steele has been dropped after a dismal 53-point effort against the Crows.

Many of us are sitting with less than 18 on our fields with an injury affected Scooter score of 44. He really was just too good to be true, wasn’t he?

But who can we turn to in this time of need, this time of SuperCoach despair? Only the future SuperCoach God himself; Marcus Bontempelli. This man is perhaps my favourite player in the AFL (besides Liam Jones at the minute) and it is an honour to induct him into Best Buy’s list.

*However, last week’s Best Buy, Tom Lynch, remains relevant for those who are looking for an option for Jack Steele*

Those of you without the star who have Nat Fyfe or a rookie in need of an upgrade have the opportunity to give yourself an extra edge this week.

If you are one of the 32% of Bont owners that traded him in after Round 4, look away now, as the majestic beast now comes at a bargain basement price.

After a month of ‘poor’ scores – averaging 90 with a low score of 81 – The Bont now comes in at a tasty $525,500. Considering he was above the $600k mark until Round 8, this is some excellent bang for your buck.

Prior to this down period, Bontempelli had registered five scores over 120 points and missed out on just one occasion. The Bulldog didn’t need high possession tallies to get these totals either, getting to 30 disposals only once but booted at least a goal per game. His average before the decline was a whopping 123.6.

Back to the ‘now’. Bontempelli’s average sits at a less impressive 111.4 points per game after a disappointing month for the Bulldogs.

Let’s dissect a couple of these recent games, shall we?

In two of these games, the Bont was incredibly inaccurate in front of goal, booting 0.3 (81 points) against the Cats 1.4 (88) against St Kilda. If Bont converts two of those behinds into goals, he is well on his way to a ton.

Last week, Marcus had what most would describe as a stinker, gathering just the 18 disposals at a dreadful 38% efficiency, including an absolute sitter in front of goal in the final quarter. However, despite all of this and five frees against, he still managed to score 92 points thanks to his 11 tackles.

The fact that Bont scores 80-90 even in his bad games shows that he has this game figured out pretty darn well. Even the best of us go through slumps – we saw it with Dangerfield a couple of months ago (albeit with possibly broken ribs). I am willing to cut Marcus some slack.

He is also a scaling magician who thrives at the crucial points in games. While some will say it is a Champion Data crush that gets him these points, it is due to his ability to lift at important moments – clutch goals, crucial clearances, desperate tackles.

The Bulldogs have found themselves in quite a few close games already and are likely to be in a few more before season’s end, giving Bontempelli ample opportunity to get bulk points in a matter of minutes.

What really excites me is his backend of last season. Bont averaged 114 points in his last 11 games of 2016, including 120+ totals. With another year under his belt, I expect him to go even bigger in the back half of 2017.

“But Dan, why would I get him while he has a breakeven of 128?” you ask. Well, many were flagging him as an option last week with a BE of 151, and I reckon he is in for a big game against the Dees. The match should be a tight tussle – prime conditions for the Bont.

His price of $525,500 is too good to ignore. If you are Bont-less, grab him now.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Scott

    June 16, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    Bontless and proud!

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