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Batten’s Best Buy Round 15 – Matt White

As SuperCoaches, we are faced with many tough decisions on a week-to-week basis. Dan will aim to outline the ‘best buy’ of the Round in terms of price, overall output and/or cash generation for the rest of the season.

Previous BBB’s: Isaac Heeney (Round 8), Josh P. Kennedy (Round 9), Todd Goldstein (Round 10), Joel Selwood (Round 11), Tom J. Lynch (Round 12), Marcus Bontempelli, Jake Lloyd (Round 13)

As I mentioned last week, the decision to trade in Jake Lloyd was as clear as daylight, so I’m not really counting that as a ‘win’. Tom Lynch ruined a good week for the BBB inductees, as did Hayden Ballantyne in ruining Joel Selwood’s day as soon as it began.

Now we are going a bit unconventional with the cheaper priced Matt White

Matt White

Price: $198,400
Current Average: 81 (2 games)
2016 average: 14 (1 game)
2015 average: 60.5
Predicted average from here on: 70
Breakeven: -46

How are you, SuperCoaches? I’m pretty darn flat, to be honest.

We thought the misery of the byes were over but the SuperCoach Gods caught us when we least expected it with another week of pure carnage. I hope you guys didn’t take my advice of trading in Tom Lynch! Ooops.

But BBB is on a high this week after I was asked at a pub on Monday who my ‘best buy’ would be this week.

So yeah, clearly this thing has gone global.

Anyway, enough about the ratings war between The Footy Show, The Front Bar and Batten’s Best Buy, it’s time to discuss an unusual proposition.

Matt White. The 30-year-old is sitting at just $198,400 after a season cruelled by injury in 2016.

The ex-Tiger tore his pectoral in Round 1 of last year, sidelining him for 12 weeks. He then returned through the SANFL for four games before requiring surgery for a broken cheekbone, putting an end to his 2016 campaign.

To the general footy viewer, he has fallen off the face of the earth.

White entered the Port Adelaide side for just his second game of the year last weekend thanks to a late out to Matthew Broadbent.

Matty grabbed his chance by the scruff of the neck, adding plenty of pace to the Power’s forward half with 21 disposals and a major en-route to 99 SuperCoach points.

I can’t blame you for questioning why I’m suggesting you trade in a ‘fringe’ player at this price. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

As we know, the rookie situation at the minute is dire (besides Hugh Greenwood, the bloody legend). Players like Shai Bolton, Matty Scharenberg, Luke Ryan and Callum Brown are on the extended bench just about every week and ultimately, it is unlikely they will provide return on investment.

Also, in the event that we have to play these blokes, they will give us a useless score of 30-50.

To make matters worse, our premiums sustaining injuries left right and centre, and it’s only going to happen more as the year wears on.

How can we solve these problems?

In my eyes, Matt White can be the solution. His job security appears to be solid after his performance on the weekend and his MID/FWD status is very helpful, and allows those of you with Greenwood to have two players who are capable of being loopholed – or fielded when injury strikes.

White isn’t going to score 99 every week, that’s for sure, but he has the capability to get to premium-esque totals.

He also has the ability to give us some additional cash. If he scores around the 60-70 mark, White will get to $310k by Round 18, which will serve us well for useful upgrades later in the season.

For those without many trades (myself included) he gives us a handy loophole option for underperforming premiums.

For example, if someone like say… Tom Lynch scores poorly (wouldn’t be the first time, ay) and White is playing later in the round, you could keep Lynch on your bench as emergency. If he scores well, put someone like a Brett Eddy on field. If he scores poorly, you can chance your luck with Matty White.

All in all, rookies are largely untrustworthy at the minute, so Matt White is a good shout as a more expensive ‘cheapies with the ability to hit those high scores.

If you have any questions, hit my up on twitter: @battenball96

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