Batten's Best Buy

Batten’s Best Buy Round 18 – Dayne Beams

As SuperCoaches, we are faced with many tough decisions on a week-to-week basis. Dan will aim to outline the ‘best buy’ of the Round in terms of price, overall output and/or cash generation for the rest of the season.


Previous BBB’s: Isaac Heeney (Round 8), Josh P. Kennedy (Round 9), Todd Goldstein (Round 10), Joel Selwood (Round 11), Tom J. Lynch (Round 12), Marcus Bontempelli (Round 13, Jake Lloyd (Round 14), Matthew White (Round 15), Patrick Cripps (Round 16), Dayne Zorko (Round 17)

Things have gone from bad to worse at BBB HQ, with Todd Goldstein’s axing adding to the woes of the last fortnight.

Surely I can’t make another Dayne soil his trousers.

PS: Joel Selwood is clearly the most popular player on the radar this week at $451,400, but he is already a member on the BBB honour board.


Price: $396,600
Current Average: 93.6 (13 games)
2016 average: 79.5 (2 games)2015 average: 113.4 (16 games)
Predicted average from here on: 105
Breakeven: 79

I have come to the conclusion that I am cursed.

Apart from getting sick and missing all my trains in to Uni this week, I somehow managed to put the mozz on the Great Dayne Zorko.

Zorko couldn’t quiiite replicate his herculean 196 against the Cats, churning out a dismal 55 55 points last weekend from 11 disposals.

This was a week after I said to get Patrick Cripps, who subsequently broke his leg that weekend.

I have steered clear of Joel Selwood this week in an act of kindness for the SuperCoach world. Also due to the fact he has already featured in this segment.

Instead, we will be looking at a Dayne of the Beams variety, who looks to be a bloody tasty eighth or ninth midfielder option for us.

I was one of the 19% that held onto Dayne Beams during his first injury in Round 6. He missed just the two weeks, then pumped out scores of 132, 127 and 146 before falling back to earth with a 66.

The following week in the first quarter, Dayne met the scariest sight in football – Shane ‘sausage’ Mumford’s 105kg frame running at you full pelt. Ouch.

The result was a dislocated shoulder and a measly 12 points, leaving his owners absolutely gutted.

The talk was his season was done. Then, it was a likely 3-4 week stint on the sidelines

By some SuperCoach-God given miracle, Dayne Beams only missed ONE bloody week before taking the field again

The predicted duration of his injury led a further 11% of the populous to trade him out, making him owned by just 0.3% – he was owned by a whopping 45% at Round 6.

There’s the background. Now we can grab this emphatic yet injury prone SuperCoach premium for a measly price of $396,600.

That’s almost better than that ‘$3 for 3’ deal they were running at Maccas.

Taking his injury affected score of 12 out of the equation, Beams has a seasonal average of 101 points per game. This is certainly not setting the world on fire, but for under $400k, you’d take that every day of the week.

As he showed after his first return from injury, he has the potential to hit some high totals – hitting 120+ on four occasions – which bodes well for him as a M9 option.

Admittedly, the majority of Brisbane’s games are later in the round because the AFL like to hide them as much as possible, and rightly so.

But you can use this to your advantage. Say you have an Ollie Wines type as your eighth midfielder. If he plays on the Saturday, you can chuck the emergency on him on the bench. If he performs, you can take Wines’ score. If he spuds it up and scores 70, you can take the punt and chuck Beams on your field.

A more-than-handy M9 is extremely useful for the later rounds as well, considering the likelihood of injury striking and the lack of trades that the majority of us have at our disposal.

Likewise, the form slump of ‘fantasy pig’ Tom Rockliff is interesting for Beams’ standing. Last week saw Beams amass 100 SuperCoach points from 21 disposals. While this isn’t a big possession tally, there are less points being taken away from him in the midfield by Rocky.

You could do a hell of a lot worse to have Beams as your eighth midfielder, let alone your ninth. For under $400k, he is certainly worth the investment.

The Batten curse has to end some time, and I reckon Dayne Beams will leave everything coming up Milhouse.

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