Batten's Best Buy

Batten’s Best Buy Round 19 – Josh J. Kennedy

As SuperCoaches, we are faced with many tough decisions on a week-to-week basis. Dan will aim to outline the ‘best buy’ of the Round in terms of price, overall output and/or cash generation for the rest of the season.

Previous BBB’s: Isaac Heeney (Round 8), Josh P. Kennedy (Round 9), Todd Goldstein (Round 10), Joel Selwood (Round 11), Tom J. Lynch (Round 12), Marcus Bontempelli (Round 13, Jake Lloyd (Round 14), Matthew White (Round 15), Patrick Cripps (Round 16), Dayne Zorko (Round 17), Dayne Beams (Round 18)

We have seen Cripps and Zorko fall in a heap in the previous fortnight, but Dayne Beams stood tall, amassing 131 points after being nominated. Zorko responded with a gentleman’s 142, but will spend a week on the sidelines with suspension.

We thought one Josh Kennedy wasn’t enough, so JJK is the next player we’ve chucked under the microscope.

Josh J. Kennedy

Price: $428,900
Current Average: 95.8 (12 games)
2016 average: 97.8 (2 games)
Predicted average from here on: 105
Breakeven: 83

BBB HQ rejoice – we managed to not jinx a player we suggested last week (yet)!

Dayne Beams saved this segment and ultimately my job at SCP with a formidable 131 point performance, as probably my most contentious selection for the year (we’ll leave Matt White out of this one…), considering his recent return from injury.

Who says I don’t make the big calls?

Since we are on a high and it is that time of year, it is fitting we look at the biggest rollercoaster since the Superman Escape, Josh J. Kennedy.

It comes as no surprise that JJK has had an up and down season. This is a key forwards stock and trade; inconsistency. He has twice climbed above 140 points twice this season, but he has also fallen below 80 points on five occasions

These sort of scores are why we teach the young kids in primary school to avoid key position players AT ALL COSTS. It is why as educated SuperCoaches, we refrain from picking these tall beings.

A 140 followed by a 60 scares us. We would much prefer a steady 90-100 point score each week to keep ourselves amongst the pack.

But flags aren’t won by following the herd. Taking risks at this stage of the year sets apart the best from the rest, and in my eyes, Josh Kennedy at a discount price-tag of $428,900 is a risk worth taking.

Owned by just 10% of the competition, JJK comes up against the Brisbane Lions on Sunday at Domain Stadium. Last time he played the Lions in Round 1 of 2016, Kennedy hit a monster total of 180 (cue darts music) from 25 disposals, clunking 16 marks and booting eight majors.

He also faces the Blues at home, and if you cast your minds back to 2015, you’ll remember the big, stuttering man snagged 10 goals against them at this venue on his way to a herculean 178-point total.

However, JJK does have St. Kilda, GWS and Adelaide as well in his last five games, which presents a bit of a problem. Kennedy did manage three goals and 56 points before being injured against the Giants in their last encounter, and he managed to boot four majors and score 82 against the Saints earlier in the year.

The issue with Kennedy is he needs goals to score well, but we know he is simply a goal-kicking machine.

Josh trails the Coleman Medal by just seven goals despite missing five games for the year. He looks to have hit his straps after his lazy six goal haul against the Pies on the weekend, scoring 95 points due to scaling in the Eagles’ last quarter capitulation.

JJK has set himself up as a perfect sideways trade for the likes of Toby Nankervis and Tom Lynch, who continue to frustrate their owners (myself included).

Those with Toby “I used to beat up nerds for their lunch money” Greene could even bank $80k with a downgrade from that angry and undisciplined bloke to the calm and gentle Kennedy.

I am not going to deny this is a high risk play, because all key forwards are fraught with danger. But considering Kennedy averaged a tasty 113 over his past month last season, there is certainly reward to be had.

With SuperCoach finals on the horizon, Josh Kennedy might just be the man who gets you the silverware.


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