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Batten’s Best Buy Round 9 – Josh P. Kennedy

As SuperCoaches, we are faced with many tough decisions on a week-to-week basis. Dan will aim to outline the ‘best buy’ of the Round in terms of price, overall output and/or cash generation for the rest of the season.

We are on a high: 1/1! Isaac Heeney was the obvious choice last week, and he fired with a 130 point performance. Whether he is a good long-term selection will remain to be seen, but I’ll claim it as a ‘win’ (for now). Now it is time for the second edition of Batten’s Best Buy, or as I like to call it, Bx3

Josh P. Kennedy

Price: $519,800
Current average: 104.5 (8 games)
2016 average: 113.4
Predicted average from here on: 110-115
Bye: Round 11
Breakeven: 93

WARNING: If you are in this for overall and have an awful Round 11 bye (less than 15-16 players playing), look away now. In fact, don’t even bother reading this, because it will only tempt you to trade in JPK at his bargain basement price when you really, really, shouldn’t.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, folks. Josh P. Kennedy has averaged over 110 SuperCoach points in four of his last five seasons. Despite this stunning SuperCoach history, he has always had a slight flaw.

We all have flaws – each and every one of us. Some of us are judgemental, some of us are arrogant, and some of us struggle to hit targets by foot (I’m looking at you, Treloar).

Kennedy’s flaw is he starts off seasons slow. Take 2016 for example:

Josh began the year with a paltry 75 followed by a 95. He went on to score just another two tons in the next month (scores of 99 and 95 in fairness), making his average a measly 98.5 from his first six games. This isn’t awful, but for an uber-premium midfielder, it is certainly not ideal.

Kennedy punched out two formidable scores of 119 and 125 in the next fortnight, giving him an eight-game average of 104.

From then on, Josh P. Kennedy averaged a whopping 119 SuperCoach points, raising the bat 11 times with a low score of 90. Huge.

Let’s get back to the ‘now’.

Kennedy is currently averaging 104 after eight games. Now doesn’t that sound familiar…

The contested animal was monumental on the weekend, registering 26 disposals to half time and ending the match with 37 touches, six tackles and 136 points. Like the entire Sydney side, he looked to be back to his best after a poor start to the season.

As it stands, JPK has fallen $97.3k from his starting price and sits at $519,800. He has a reasonable breakeven of 93, and is projected by the good folk at SuperCoach Gold to score 105 against the Saints.

However, it must be said that in JPK’s ninth game last year – the point where he seemingly awoke from his slumber – he scored a monster 161 points.

Will you take the chance on him scoring modestly against the Saints, considering he scored 137 at the very same venue last weekend, and 120 in his last matchup against them?

I say: don’t tempt fate. What are a few extra dollars lost if he does score average from a potential Seb Ross tag?

The way I see it, Kennedy is set to average 110+ from here on. The game of SuperCoach is designed for him as a man who eats contested possessions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Clearances are his game, and his ability to consistently dominate the coalface has made him one of the most consistent SuperCoach performers over the past five years.

Imagine the sort of SuperCoach player he’d be if he didn’t have a 1:2 kick to handball ratio…

I have a confession. Unfortunately, I have had JPK the whole season.

You have the opportunity to get the advantage on me and 32,670 other SuperCoaches by grabbing this SuperCoach beast for $100k cheaper.

Jump on.

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