Bubble Boys & Breakevens

Bubble Boys & Breakevens – Round 9

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Brayden Crossley | $117,300 | RUCK | Average: 59 | Breakeven: -47

Crossley has been impressive in his first two games, averaging 10.5 disposals, 3 tackles and 7.5 hit-outs. Probably doesn’t have the strongest job security, but if you’re looking for a rookie option in the ruck for cash generation, Crossley is your man.

Charlie Ballard | $117,300 | FWD/MID | Average: 37.5 | Breakeven: -4

Ballard had just 9 disposals and 1 tackle on the weekend, but he did take 5 marks, which boosted his score to 42. The Suns were dismal on the weekend, and there’s likely to be some players on the chopping block. Expect Ballard to be one of them. There are better rookie options available.

Lachlan Keeffe | $123,900 | FWD/DEF | Average: 54 | Breakeven: -33

The Giants have a huge injury list, and Keeffe may find himself in the team for a few more weeks because of it. He had 27 hit outs on the week, along with 11 disposals, but was only able to manage a score of 57. Keeffe has dual position status, which is very tempting.

Other options to consider are Brad Scheer and Matt Eagles.


Ed Phillips | $123,900 | MID | Average: 87 | Breakeven: -99
Isaac Cumming | $123,900 | DEF | Average: 64 | Breakeven: -53
Brayden Ainsworth | $117,300 | MID | Average: 66 | Breakeven: -61


Dayne Zorko | $459,000 | MID | Average: 84.9 | Breakeven: -9

The pocket rocket from Brisbane has been fantastic in the past two games, scoring 164 and 121 respectively. He started the season poorly and has lost $150,000 off his starting price. The Lions face the Kangaroos in three weeks, and he’s likely to receive a lot of attention from Ben Jacobs. The inability to break a tag is still a massive concern.

Jordan de Goey | $419,100 | FWD | Average: 83.2 | Breakeven: 37

De Goey had 22 disposals and a goal in the Pies disappointing loss to the Cats on the weekend. He has spent a lot of time forward this season and has had no trouble hitting the scoreboard. De Goey is about to increase significantly in price this week, and it may be the perfect week to jump on. He’s likely to receive more midfield minutes as the season progresses which will increase his scores.


Michael Hurley | $519,700 | DEF | Average: 98 | Breakeven: 150

Hurley scored 66 points in round 8, which was his lowest for the season. He was only able to manage 17 disposals, his lowest since 2015. His breakeven is a large 150, making him a great option in a couple of weeks. Watch closely.

Adam Treloar | $605,000 | MID | Average: 113.8 | Breakeven: 150

Treloar has been in career-best form this season, averaging 32 disposals and 5 tackles a game. He’s scored 7 x 100’s in a row and due to his score of 104 on the weekend, his price will quickly fall below $600K.



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