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With two partial lockouts in round one of SuperCoach this year, there is a loophole we can exploit to get the most out of our captain choices, which means you have two chances to get it right!

We start the year with GWS and Sydney opening up the premiership season on March 24th, at 7.40pm AEST. As per normal lockout rules, partial lockout will take place at 6.40pm, exactly one hour before the start of the game.

So what’s the loophole?Going into partial lockout, means that we will be unable to trade during the period of which the swans and giants do battle, (and again during the Carlton vs Richmond game) but after that game, we have until the following week to continue to swap and trade players in and out unlimitedly, BUT we won’t be able to move/substitute or trade ANY players from Sydney and GWS. So what am I getting at here?

Because we can readjust out teams after the first game, and again after the second partial lockout, it means that we can name a vice captain and NOT a captain. It’s essentially like having an emergency on the bench named, in the event that a player on your field receives a doughnut or are withdrawn from the game for unforseen circumstances. Naming a Vice captain gives you the chance to back a player from the first game, and if you do it right; you will get a leg up on your opponents.

It would be fair to say that we would expect Sydney to win by a sizable margin, which is perfect basis for us to start with. Let’s take Adam Goodes for example; You would back a lot of Sydney players to accumulate quite a lot of SuperCoach points against a young and inexperienced GWS outfit, so we’ll use Goodsey here as our example.

If you have him in your side, name him as VICE CAPTAIN, but do not name a captain. If Goodes has a big day out, with a big return of lets say, 120 points you’ve essentially placed yourself in good stead to a very good captain choice to earn you double points.

But what if Goodes doesn’t deliver the goods?

If you select Goodes, and he performs below par of what we would expect, then you essentially have a second chance to name your captain. As I have said previously, once you select any GWS or Sydney player (even as captain, vice captain, emergency, on field or on the bench) after partial lock out part 1 has finished, these players cannot be moved for whatever reason.

That’s why only naming a vice captain in this game is GOLD, you can then afterwards settle on him as the Vice Captain, and thus NOT NAME a captain in that game, or if you think another player can out do what your vice captain has scored, then by all means, take the punt on an Ablett, Pendlebury, Buddy, Swan etc.

This is a loophole that SuperCoach has left opened to exploit, so by all means use it. BUT it doesn’t come without its risks.

If you’re totally happy with Goodes’ output, you will STILL HAVE TO SELECT A CAPTAIN, and SuperCoach will not let you enter with just a Vice Captain. This is where you need to be switched on, and pay attention to team sheets.

Going on the theory Goodes has banged home a 120 point day at the office, during the remanding games you WILL HAVE TO pick a player, from another team and another game WHO IS NOT GOING TO PLAY ROUND 1.

As most of us pick players, even those on our bench’s who are playing (because points equals money, and money equals team overall price increase for further upgrades/downgrades down the line.) This can be more difficult than expected, as you may have to enter the year with a player on your bench who NOT named for round one, which means you’re then gambling on the fact if and when they will play at all. A whole new kettle of fish!

This is where it can get tricky. With Goodes having a good day, pick somebody on your team that will not be playing, this virtually means that your Vice Captain becomes your captain so you’re not losing out. As I said previously, it’s like naming an emergency on your bench in case somebody on field does not resume their duties.

But with going into the SuperCoach year with a player who is NOT playing round 1, is that a risk you’re willing to take? Or will that player become a liability somewhere along the line? Trades are like gold, and it may be smarter to make Goodes your vice captain, and then going on to name another premium player who will at least match that point output, or better it. Looking at the bigger picture, this would logically the safest bet, but SuperCoach is all about risks!

Of course the best part of this loophole is that if Goodes spuds it – you can then bank on a safe bet with another premium. But in the event that he does put in a good showing, you will have to plan for someone NOT TO PLAY in your team during that round; remembering you still have unlimited trading until FULL LOCKOUT which will be the Collingwood vs Hawthorn game.

Again there is another loophole within this loophole, or maybe just a sneaky idea!

In the Sydney/GWS game, there is another option. Dylan Shiel is a 50/50 to play round 1, but if he doesn’t play round 1, it’d be safe to say he’s a lock for round 2, which means you’ve still got to make a trade to get him into your team, the same goes here for GWS youngster, Adam Trealor.

If you intend on having these two boys in your team, and they are NOT named for round 1 – give them the captaincy, as Goodes will then become captain, as your captain is obviously not playing. The only problem to this “solution” is that you’re already betting that Goodes is going to have a cracker game, and in the even that he doesn’t, you won’t be able to name another captain as your choices for all GWS and Sydney players will be locked and loaded.

Make sense? Or have I lost some of you?

Remember the same theory can be used for all other teams; another great example is James Magner of Melbourne. He has been the best performing rookie all preseason, and is surely in line to be elevated from the rookie list. He did however suffer a hand injury, and also could be in doubt for round 1.

Again, if he is elevated from the rookie list, but not named for round 1, it will still cost you a trade to get him into your team, so it could pay dividends to start him in your team, and on your bench – another perfect example of a “non playing captain”.

Remember you have the opportunity here to do this with the Carlton vs Richmond game, but I would say it’s a safer bet to go with Mumford or Goodes as Vice Captain, playing a team who is still yet to play an official AFL game.

That’s all folks!

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