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Christmas Wishlist – Jordan de Goey

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Coming into his fourth year in the AFL system, Jordan de Goey is beginning to generate some serious excitement at the Holden Centre.

After being taken with the fifth selection in the 2014 National Draft, the new draftee made an instant impression at the top level during his 15-game debut year, with his tackling a particularly eye-catching feature of his game. The upward trend continued into his second year, where he strung together another 20 games and elevated his SuperCoach average to 75.4 – a very reasonable output from a then-20-year-old.

However, towards the end of the year there were murmurs that coach Nathan Buckley was becoming disgruntled over de Goey’s ‘party attitude’. The ‘bad boy’ label associated with de Goey gained momentum when he broke his hand in a street brawl just weeks before the start of the 2017 season, compounded by the fact he lied to his club claiming the injury has sustained by a door handle. The misdemeanour soured a particularly impressive JLT Series campaign and saw him handed an internal suspension until Round 7.

Once he came back, it was hard for de Goey to establish any consistency on the Fantasy front, with a top score of just 85 in his first seven outings an indicator of his measly output, but the 21-year-old began to show signs for the future coming home with four triple scores in his last seven games.

There were two games which underlined the potential of the former St Kevin’s Collegian. The first was a tough Round 15 loss to Hawthorn in which de Goey collected 32 disposals and was one of the only Magpies to keep his side alive for the majority of the match. The midfielder showcased his manic attack on the ball and took the game by the scruff of the neck with quiet games some of his highly-rated teammates, notably Pendlebury.

Fast-forward three weeks and de Goey posted a career-best SuperCoach score of 130 against the Eagles under the roof at Etihad. Although the youngster collected just 20 disposals on this occasion, his four pivotal goals at crucial stages proved match-winning and exemplified his animal-like competitive nature. Unfortunately, the midfielder showed that he is still susceptible to ‘going missing’ in games with five sub-60 scores from his 14 games.

What de Goey has given us glipses of has been very promising, and he is now entering the age bracket where he can perform at his best on a more consistent basis. Multiple disappointing years in a row for Collingwood should see a shake-up, and the X-Factor that de Goey brings to the table could see him as a lynchpin in the midfield who can also do damage inside the forward 50.

After letting himself at the beginning of 2017, one would imagine de Goey will be looking to reverse his fortunes this time ‘round with a huge 2018 preseason. The midfielder has maintained his forward-eligibility in Fantasyland and comes in at a very reasonable $426,500 and could be a gem of a selection if he can manage to push himself into the 90-100 point SuperCoach average range or higher!



  1. Carleton

    February 19, 2018 at 5:22 am

    You’d have to be drunk to pick him now. :}

  2. Daniel

    February 20, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    Hmmmmm, all this work to write up an article and then he goes off and drunk-drives.

    Let’s get him after the byes 😀

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