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EXCLUSIVE: Tennis star James Duckworth reveals his SuperCoach team

He’s ranked just outside the top 100 in the ATP Tour rankings in the tennis world, but Australian James Duckworth is hoping to rank even higher in SuperCoach by the end of the year. The 25-year-old has been playing tennis since he was seven and playing SuperCoach for quite some years too, and has agreed to reveal his starting SuperCoach lineup ahead of the first lockout on Thursday night.


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James Duckworth: Heath Shaw is a gun, he’s been my first picked defender for years now and needs no introduction. I like Taylor Adams’ dual status role and think he can have a big year. Laird will hopefully spend a lot of time in the midfield this year so should score well. Mills, I’m hoping will breakthrough this year and become a premium. Marchbank and Hampton have both scored well in the JLT series and I’m sure will get plenty of game time.

SuperCoach Paige: James has opted for Heath Shaw over Sam Docherty and it’s not a bad move, Shaw is a proven performer. Taylor Adams and Rory Laird are popular picks and well worth a position in his team. Second-year player, Callum Mills has found his way into a few SuperCoach teams and no doubt James is hoping that Mills can avoid the “second-year blues”, move up into the midfield and increase his SuperCoach output by 10-15 points per game.


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JD: Didn’t have Danger last year and that hurt me big time. He gets more ball than I’ve had hot dinners, couldn’t start this year without him. Pendles is my favourite player and I believe is the most skilled in the AFL, love the bloke. Fyfe is a no brainer- must have! Mitchell and Bont have been tough to split but at this stage I have Mitchell. I’m hoping without Kennedy, Hanners and Parker around him he will go bigger this year at the Hawks. Hearing Beamsy is fit so he’s a lock at $432k, if he stays healthy he’s a top 10 scorer by the year’s end. I’ve gone both O’Meara and Swallow. Both have looked in good touch throughout the JLT and both are genuine guns! Hoping Powell-Pepper has a good breakout year.

SCP: Good move by James to grab Patrick Dangerfield this year, I can only imagine how painful last year would have been without him. It’s almost surprising to see Scott Pendlebury in a SuperCoach team at this time of year; The superstar is only in around 15% of teams despite finishing 2016 as the second best midfielder in the game, a great pick. Tom Mitchell should find a lot of the ball at Hawthorn, likewise Jaeger O’Meara and he should make some money as well. David Swallow provides great salary cap relief while delivering quality scores. I like this midfield. Jarrod Berry is an interesting pick here, when fit he should play and score at a decent rate, stashing him on the bench is a great way to move on a matured cash cow in defence and bring in a midfielder on the bubble.


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JD: Maxi is the number 1 ruck in the game, expecting another good year from the big fella. Sandi is cheap as chips and if he stays healthy will be one of the top ruck scorers again.

SCP: Backing Max Gawn to ruck solo and score at a rate close to that of 2016 is not silly. The big man is clearly the best ruckman in the competition at this point in time and James is set to benefit from having another Captain/Vice-Captain option in his team. Aaron Sandilands is a great value pick and Luke Strnadica provides the floating donut option.


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JD: Dahl was my first picked forward, love his speed in and around the contest hopefully will be the best forward this year. I’ve gone with his teammate Macrae. He had a great year last year and I’m hoping he can build on that again this year. Roughy was an easy choice after seeing him injury free in the JLT. Hoskin-Elliot, Taranto and Pickett – seen bits of these men in the JLT and I’m hoping they can make some nice cash for me!

SCP: With twin Dogs up front, James is taking full advantage of the few high possession winning forwards on offer this year. James likes a comeback story just like the rest of us and Jarryd Roughead is certainly that, plus he has the potential to score extremely well given his versatility for Hawthorn. Could easily occupy that F6 position come season’s end. He’s picked mostly cheap forwards that look very likely of spending an extended period in at AFL level, Will Hoskin-Elliott perhaps the most interesting of the lot. Should play 22 games for Collingwood this year but isn’t a known high scorer. James may have to hold on to him for a while but he’ll certainly make some handy cash!

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SCP: Overall James has put together a very strong team and a well-balanced one at that. He’s backing in the proven guns to score him the big points and a few recycled and current Giants to make him the cash. Will be a tough team to beat.

If you’d like to go head-to-head with James, he’s created a league for SCP followers! The code you’ll need is: 826426. 

The crew at SuperCoach Paige and Footy Prophet would like to thank James Duckworth for sharing his team and his thoughts with us!

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1 Comment

  1. Carleton

    March 23, 2017 at 11:15 am

    Tennis player? No. He’s an expert of SuperCoach more than anything else. Excellent team.

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