Key Position Changes for Next Season’s Fantasy Competition

Key Position Changes for Next Season’s Fantasy Competition


Source: Geelong Cats via Facebook

The team lists for all of the 18 clubs are finally completed and that means that all 808 players have been designated a position for the 2018 season. The positions that have been allocated are based upon their role in 2017, which means some players have been classed as ‘utilities’ and have the potential to play a dual position.

Whether or not someone is available for a dual position can have a huge impact in the fantasy league as they have the ability to swap roles and cover positions when in need. Let’s take a look at the most important changes made for next year and how they will affect your team in 2018.

Key Dual-Position Players

Typically speaking, dual-position players are some of the most valuable assets in your side. Quite often, they’re midfielders that will occasionally drift into a defensive or forward role, and historically have been some of the highest scorers in their position.

Sam Menegola from the Geelong Cats is the only forward who averaged more than 100 points in 2017. He was given a dual midfield/forward position in round 12 this year, and will maintain his DPP status for his next campaign.

Gold Coast Suns’ Michael Barlow will be available as a MID/FWD following his new addition from last season. Although he only played 12 games in his last campaign, he still managed to average a tidy 94.8 fantasy score in 2017.



Source: Chad Wingard Supporter Page via Facebook

Port Adelaide’s Travis Boak is another to watch and could be an ideal pick, with the South Australian side expecting big things after some shrewd transfers during the preseason. Bookmakers currently have the team as the sixth favourites to win the flag at $10.00, according to the latest AFL odds on bet365. They will undoubtedly be in the mix once again, after adding to what was already an extremely strong squad.

A few of the players eligible as defender/midfielders are James Aish from Collingwood, Paul Seedsman from Adelaide, and the Suns’ Pearce Hanley. Although these players won’t be likely to score as many goals as the MID/FWD’s, the extra responsibilities they take on at the back will surely bring in some higher averages for your team.



Source: West Coast Eagles via Facebook

New Position for the New Year

Just as players that received dual-position status over the course of their last term, some will be moving into a DPP for the first time. It helps to stay up to date with these changes throughout the year to ensure you’ve got every angle covered in your squad.

One of the biggest names to get a new position is West Coast Eagles’ Elliot Yeo. Next season he will be available as a defender which is fantastic news considering how well he started in 2017. In the first eight rounds, he averaged 110, and the 24-year old is likely to be extremely popular with players in next year’s fantasy.

Carlton Blues’ Liam Jones was sensational in defence last year after being a fantasy FWD for his entire career. Due to his newfound success in a back role, he will be available as a defender in 2018.

One of last year’s DPPs, Robbie Gray, started off as a MID only and gained FWD status in round 6. Unfortunately, he will only be available as a FWD next season, as he looks to help Port to their second premiership.

It’s always an enjoyable pastime discussing where new players will likely play in their squad with fellow fantasy players. Of course, there will be a few surprises, with Gary Ablett in particular surely to alter the Cats’ forward and midfield lineup. All the official fantasy players and prices will be revealed late January, so until then keep pla
nning your strategy and stay up to date with all your AFL news and rumours.

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