NAB Challenge Series SuperCoach Cheat Sheet: Part One


With the NAB Challenge kicking off and SuperCoaches everywhere eyeing off potential players for their teams; The SuperCoach Paige Team are proud to bring you the first of a two part series. This article contains all the stats you need from the NAB Challenge football including full SuperCoach scores, prices, player positions, disposals and plenty more.

One thing that you must all remember is that due to their being extended team sizes, these NAB Challenge SuperCoach scores are lower than what you would expect in a regular AFL Home & Away season match.

All you have to do is download the Excel document! For ease, each position has been given its own sheet within the workbook as well.

To sort each column, you must click on the drop-down box next to the column heading, where the first two options will be to sort.

Having said that; here is the fully featured and fully sort-able Part One of our NAB Challenge stats guide including all the games from each teams first game in the NAB Challenge!


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  1. Blueboy03

    The ability to sort has been stopped by you guys putting a password to make it read-only!

    • Henry Azaris

      Actually it’s not read only! You can sort the columns by clicking on the Arrows in the headings boxes and sort largest to smallest or smallest to largest!

      • shannon

        no mate, its all blank. cant be changed

        • Henry Azaris

          what do you mean by all blank Shannon?

          • shannon

            got it now bloke, thanks heaps

          • Henry Azaris

            No worries mate, glad to help!

    • realBlue

      Gotta love how people bitch and moan when people do shit for free!! stop ya whinging bitches!

  2. shannon

    Cant sport the sheet, cant click on a thing, cant change the data at all. Cheers for putting it together and as always I love the effort you guys go to for sure but you may as well have loaded a PDF. now I have to re-type all that info into an actual spreadsheet to make it useful.

    • Henry Azaris

      To sort the sheet, you have to use the drop down arrows in the headings e.g. name. the top two options once you click on the drop down arrow are to sort.

      The reason it’s locked is that we’ve had issues before with people stealing our hard work and posting it as their own so I hope you can understand where we are coming from in that regard.

  3. Love all the work that you do but this sheet is unusable in its current format. Auto-filter sort functionality cannot be used where the cells are locked and protected. Whoever has the write access needs to highlight the data cells and unlock them then the sheet can be password locked but the data will still be editable, and therefore, sortable.

    • Henry Azaris

      That has already been done mate, it works for others so maybe you haven’t enabled editing which is normally locked when you download a file from the internet?

      • Got it, thanks. Isn’t compatible with older Excel. Will have to wait till after work.

        • Henry Azaris

          Thanks for the input mate, I’ll try to rectify that for the part two!

  4. Bug

    It is an XLSX file, so you need to enable editing which can be done when you first open it. Then the sorting works fine.

    • Henry Azaris

      That’s correct mate

  5. Nathan Dummelow

    Really good work guys!

    Just some thing that i think you may improve on is taking into consideration a price per minute column. By dividing the price of player by their sc scores.

    • Henry Azaris

      We’ll consider that for part 2 mate, thanks for the input!

    • shannon

      yes that would be brilliant. Tyson had a rubbish score but only played 1.8 quarters

  6. Lonsdale6491

    Has anybody been able to unlock this on a Mac?
    Have tried going to tools, protection, unprotect sheet, – but a password is required.
    Saving the file doesn’t seem to make any difference.

    • Henry Azaris

      Sorry mate you can’t unlock it on any computer. It’s password protected for a reason unfortunately.

      You still have the sort functionality though and can use it as normal!

      • Blueboy03

        Hi Lonsdale, I’m also using a mac and have had no luck. Unfortunately Henry you can’t sort it (normally or using your buttons), or do anything to be honest. It looks good, but like others I want to add a column myself for points per minute.

        Hopefully you’ll include all this info in version two so I can look at it properly.

        • Henry Azaris

          The extra column will most likely be added in part two which will be released at the conclusion of the NAB Challenge.

          As far as mac compatibility we will look into that asap and see what we can do to rectify the issue.

          Cheers for the feedback.

      • Chris

        For what reason is the spreadsheet password protected? It’s publically available info?

        • Luke

          so it doesn’t get cut out and stolen

  7. Guru Bob

    Thanks for your efforts… much appreciated.

    • Henry Azaris

      No worries mate!

  8. Juzzo

    same deal, on mac, can’t sort?

    • Henry Azaris

      We’re looking into that now mate, hopefully we can rectify it soon.

  9. Caiden

    I’m unable to use the sort button on an iPad? There is no sort button in the headings.?

    • Henry Azaris

      Sorry mate you won’t be able to sort on tablets or phones.

  10. Caiden

    Thanks mate. Is there anyway to make it possible. I wouldn’t want you’s to go to too much trouble though.

    • Henry Azaris

      I’m not sure but I’ll have a look into it for part 2 mate.

  11. Mud Flap

    Isthe time on ground actual minutes or a % of total time?

    Great data too!!!

    • Henry Azaris

      As it says in the spreadsheet it’s a percentage of time played on the ground mate!

  12. Ben

    Can we get a points per dollar column?????????

    • Henry Azaris

      I’m sure we can come up with something like that in part 2 😉

  13. Dip

    on iMac – no sort possible. release a PDF instead.

  14. GeneralSoreness

    Fantastic work again, thank you for your efforts!

    • lock

      Hahaha found you juddy!

  15. Don

    Hi Henry, great work.
    Any chance of a points per dollar column as well?


    • Henry Azaris

      Will be included in part two mate!

      • Don


  16. laura

    any update on the inability to sort on a mac?

  17. Brad V

    THANKS SCPaige!
    You’ve done an amazing job as always. Look forward to all of your articles and tips throughout the season.

  18. freo

    absolutely useless on a mac. Can’t even highlight a column, row or cell. What is the need of locking it? Herald Sun will release their own this week