O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain! My Captain! – Round 8

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Not sure who you should be loopholing this weekend? A number of games will overlap on Saturday, with six games being played – instead of the usual five. So it gives plenty of options for coaches to choose from, but also means that any decisions made need to be well thought out!




Average versus Sydney: 101.5 (98 & 105) Hasn’t had the chance to play Sydney a whole lot as he has spent the majority of his career at the Swans. Had a return to form last week with a solid 127 point outing. It looks like they might be playing Friday night football in a pool with the weather forecast indicating a strong chance of rain. Expect this contest to be very heavily filled with contested footy, Mitchell thrives in this element.


Average versus Essendon: 88.0 (last three versus – DNP, 100 & DNP) Cripps has been very consistent this year with 92 being the lowest score so far. Two of his last three have yielded 143 & 151 points respectively. Essendon appears to be out of form, so expect Carlton to believe they are in with a chance for their first win of 2018. If this is to happen, Cripps will be no doubt leading the charge and I won’t be surprised to see a score above 140 this week.


Average versus Gold Coast: 123.3 (DNP, 108 & 174) Gawn has a huge average against Gold Coast, and with the current form he is in – I can only see this climbing. He is averaging above 147 in his last three where he surpassed 150 twice. Lock him in this week for your VC, if you go a Friday night option for VC he’s as safe a captain as anybody.


Average versus Adelaide: 98.6 (101, 92 & 129) I personally expect Robbie Gray to be the number one rated forward at seasons end. He has only had the one score under 100 this year (89) in Round 6 against North Melbourne. Even with a few games where other teams have had a close body on him, he still manages to pump out some massive scores. The showdown against Adelaide should be closely contested so look for Gray to go for some hero points when the game is on the line.

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Average versus North Melbourne: 115.5 (165, 74, 124)

Dusty has been poor the last few weeks (for his standards anyway). I don’t expect North Melbourne to tag Martin this week, and after last year when he went off for 165, I have a feeling he is about to bounce back. He might find himself to be a matchup nightmare inside-50 for the Roos and could well be on the end of a few goals come full time. If your VC fails to fire, you can lock him in for a day out on Sunday.


Average versus Brisbane 118.8 (162, 121 & 96)

As the number one ranked player in all of SuperCoach, Macrae has found himself in 12% of teams – up from 1% in Round 1. It is really hard to argue why – he has scored above 120 in five of his seven games this year. Last week he really went off with 189 against the Gold Coast. Brisbane is yet to win a game and I really don’t expect them to change their fortunes this week. Expect some big scores from a few Bulldogs with Macrae the stand out selection.


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1 Comment

  1. Carleton

    May 12, 2018 at 7:59 am

    What about Fyfe!?

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