#SCPFC Round 11

Round 10 Score: 2154
Round 10 Rank: 66,584
Season Rank: 43,146

We lost a few spots in the ranks during a high scoring round this week, a lot of this came down to not watching the ins and outs early in the week. With some swift trading this week we will start to make up some of the ground we lost last week.


The defence this week was by far the weakest line. Led by Shane Savage (104) & Tom Doedee (104), they were the only two to surpass the tonne. Michael Hibberd (95) & Rory Laird (98) were respectable with scores in the nineties. But the real down point for the team this week was Jeremy Finlayson (0) & Sam Murray (0) both with donuts as the team wasn’t sorted before the round.


Nat Fyfe (163) had another best on ground performance, even with Ben Jacobs on the same field. Jack Macrae (102) was below his recent lofty standards, we will happily take this score as a bad week though. Patrick Dangerfield (133) & Stephen Coniglio (138) were back to their high scoring best, expect more of this in the coming weeks. Dustin Martin (105) had his highest score in the last six weeks, a little worrying but he’s all class so a big score will be just around the corner. Patrick Cripps (97) was just average, not setting the world alight but could have been worse. Bailey Banfield (64) has had slow price increases in price for a few weeks now, unfortunately with the holes in the defence he will be parked on the bench. Tim Kelly (57) will need to be upgraded with his high breakeven, but he will need to wait a week as well.


Max Gawn (114) scored well, I mean it’s low by his standards but will happily take that each week. Toby Nankervis (103) has put together a good run of games, averaging over 100 in the past 5 games. He looked like having a rest against West Coast a few weeks back, but he doesn’t seem like he needed it.


Isaac Heeney (128) was fantastic on Saturday afternoon, he gave his top score for the season. Toby McLean (122)  hasn’t really put a foot wrong all season, eight of ten of his games this year have been over 100. Devon Smith (120) is the number one pressure player in the competition, and his score this week really reflected how good he has been for Essendon this season. Ben Ronke (74) has gone up in value really quickly, he will be at peak price point for his bye and should be an easy upgrade.  Jack Billings (70) had a good second half last week, will this turn his season around? Charlie Spargo (61) dished up exactly what we expect from an on-field rookie, he’s capable of more so hopefully we see that soon.


We still have trades aplenty, and this week we will be using two to sure up the backline. Both Finlayson and Murray are still not playing for their respective clubs. We use the strategy of one up one down this week, Murray will become bubble boy Bailey Rice and Finlayson up to the well-priced Kade Simpson. Hopefully with a bit of TLC the tide will start to turn for SCPFC.

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