#SCPFC – Round 12


Round 12 Score: 2,023
Round 12 Rank: 716
Season Rank: 1,791

Round 12 was one to remember for SCPFC – our best ranked round for the year thus far, and catapulted us back into the top 2000. The side is in form, but this week we face our biggest challenge yet – the dreaded round 13 bye.


Last week we already had one eye on Round 13 and made changes to best position us for perhaps the toughest round of the year. We couldn’t afford to carry the injury-riddled Sandilands for much longer, however, we always knew this would likely be the case when we picked him at the start of the year. The hard call was made on Nat Fyfe, and our decision appears to be a good one if his performance at the GABBA is anything to go by. We would also like to thank Nic Newman for his services, but he made way for Michael Hibberd. Suns co-captain Tom Lynch was way too cheap to ignore, and JPK’s historical record in the back-half of seasons meant he also slotted into our lineup.


It was a mixed result from our defenders last week. Friday night footy saw Rory Laird (134) roar back into form as the Saints allowed him to do what he wanted on his way to 34 touches. Yet another monster score from Sam Docherty (144) was a major reason behind our team’s surge. Perhaps surprisingly, he is still in just 31% of teams but looms as one of the absolute must-haves – now averaging 10 more points per game than the next best defender. Heath Shaw (95) didn’t set the world on fire, but if he can maintain an output around this level he might still salvage a decent average come year’s end. For just the second time this season, Taylor Adams (68) couldn’t break the triple-figure barrier with several critical clangers severely affecting his score. Amazingly, his score wasn’t in our best 18.  New recruit Michael Hibberd (83) showed good signs early but couldn’t capitalise in the all-important last quarter. Budget pick Matt Scharenberg (69) was serviceable and was our lowest-counted score.


Thursday night football has us tossing up Josh Kennedy and Marcus Bontempelli for the Vice-captaincy. We ended up picking JPK (101), but nor he or the Bont (92) were able to capitalise and give us something we were happy to double. Ball magnet Tom Mitchell (113) continues to do what he does best and continues to be one of the most consistent in our team. We have also been rewarded by keeping the faith with Dayne Beams (146) who was simply scintillating in Brisbane’s second victory for 2017. His teammate Jake Barrett (97) joined in the fun with an excellent rookie score. Young bull Sam Powell-Pepper (60) barely touched the footy in the first half but fought back to record a 60, but he wasn’t counted in our best 18. Adam Treloar (107) continues his good form over the last month, but Scott Pendlebury (96) was disappointing as our captain pick.


With Nankervis missing and Strnadica as our designated floating donut, Brodie Grundy (116) went solo for our rucks and did well against the Dees and their shallow ruck department.


Isaac Heeney (131) opened up our week with a bang, and we were pleased with the performances of Jack Macrae (123) and Luke Dahlhaus (103) who managed to score well despite the Bulldogs being wiped off the park by the Swans. The other score which we didn’t count was Hugh Greenwood (68) but was far from disgracing himself. Failing to hit the scoreboard, Jarryd Roughead (74) was less than ideal but down the other end, Tom Lynch (103) did well for his first week in our team.


With only 16 players on the field before trading this week, it appears we will be very active at the trade table, especially as we have a large war chest of $431,100. David Myers (41) has been underwhelming and could be the first we give the boot with the Dons facing the bye. Similarly, Roughead is facing the week off and it wouldn’t cost us too much to upgrade him to a more reliable scorer. Jake Lloyd’s looks ripe at $439,500 but still looks set to face another price decline with a breakeven of 162! Hopefully, SCPFC can get through Round 13 relatively unscathed and then hit the post-bye period with full force!

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