#SCPFC – Round 3

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Round 3 Score: 2196
Round 3 Rank: 27,294
Season Rank: 27,733

In a week in which many supercoaches’ suffered at the hands of underperforming players, the team at SCP put up a respectable score of 2196. We managed to move up a fraction over 4,000 places in the rankings. We weren’t ravaged by extreme underperforming like some, we were more so let down by a lack of stand out performances.


The defence as a whole was solid without being spectacular. Rory Laird (105) had another tonne for the Crows, he hasn’t missed a beat this season yet. Michael Hibberd (92) is on the improve after underwhelming outings in his first two weeks, lets hope he keeps moving back into his 2017 form. Shane Savage (121) is proving to be one of the savviest pre-season pick-ups thus far,  at his current price he is more than attainable for those who missed the boat. The defensive rookies on field are all but locked. Tom Doedee (85), Jeremy Finlayson (77) and Sam Murray (95) have all been fantastic on-field options and should remain that way until they hit their top values.


With such a deep starting midfield we were not blessed with monster scoring in round 3. We were buoyed by Nat Fyfe (160) who looks back to his Brownlow Medal best. Stephen Coniglio (124) everybody’s top 2018 mid-pricer was our only other high performing midfielder. Patrick Dangerfield (100), Patrick Cripps (92) and Dustin Martin (93) were well down by their own lofty standards, but if this is the lowest we get from them all year we won’t be mad. Dayne Zorko (92) seems to be struggling with being tagged early this year, he really needs to find some form or we may need to find another option. Rookies Tim Kelly (90) and Nick Holman (82) are still hitting very good scores at their price, they both have plenty more cash to be made.


Max Gawn (117) is doing no harm in is bid to reclaim his title as SuperCoaches’ number one ruck. Toby Nankervis (101) is giving us consistency at the ruck two position, that’s all we can ask for at his price.


The forward line was our weakest of all positions this week. Popular premium choice Jack Billings (54) had a stinker, seems he scores only as well as St Kilda play. Isaac Heeney (104) and Christian Petracca (106) were our only forwards to tonne up in week 3, continuing their solid early season form. Mid-price bargain Devon Smith (86) had a respectable game, unfortunately for anyone holding Essendon players he top scored! Our forward rookies Bayley Fritsch (56) and Jarrod Garlett (64) were as you would expect them, average rookie scoring. With the lack of forward rookies, beggars really can’t be choosers.


We are yet to use a trade this season, we have been lucky to avoid any long-term injuries. This week will, of course, be different. Andrew Brayshaw (32) was poor this week. Thanks to this week’s low score, his breakeven has crept up to 33. We are moving him on for another Fremantle rookie in Mitch Crowden (72), he is on the bubble this week after a great outing in week 3. This move gives us 130K spare for our future upgrades. No other players seem logical to move just yet, though Zorko is on notice. Dusty is our likely candidate for VC this week up against the Lions. With Danger playing the late game for Geelong on Sunday this week, he will take on our captaincy.


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