#SCPFC – Round 4



Round 4 Score: 2,055
Round Rank: 19,762
Season Rank: 2,380

Round 4 was our worst week for the season points wise but we’re giving ourselves a pass for the round. It was a tough one but we’ll bounce back.


Prior to Round 4, we traded the injured Jaeger O’Meara to David Swallow who was on the bubble. While it seemed a strong move at the time – grabbing some cash and jumping off an underperforming mid-pricer – it didn’t pan out too well for us this week. Swallow scored a miserly 46 and now has a breakeven of 24. While a higher score would have helped us greatly, the bigger issue here is the slowing of his cash generation. We’ll have to hold on to him a lot longer than anticipated now.

Our second trade for the week was Zach Guthrie to Nic Newman, who would have been on many people’s radar last week. He’s now in almost 30% of SuperCoach teams. Newman has averaged 86 points in his three games for Sydney and is doing enough to hold down a position on the field in our backline. Hopefully, as Sydney regain some start players, Newman can hold his position.


We had two midfielders score over 100 triple figures, TWO! Nat Fyfe (107) and Marcus Bontempelli (115) were our only two centurions in the middle. Bontempelli was our VC and unfortunately for us, 115 wasn’t enough to lock in and we ended up with Patrick Dangerfield (90) as our captain.

Our backline continues to be our most reliable, consistent and high scoring part of our team. Sam Docherty (108), Rory Laird (112) and Taylor Adams (113) are all averaging over 100 and are must own this year. Andy Otten (98) continued his trend of high scores but we fear that may change this week; Adelaide has lost young defender, Jake Kelly and is a chance to regain forward, Josh Jenkins. Ottens could be shifted back to defence where he may not score as well.

Those who put the VC on Luke Dahlhaus (145) benefited greatly from his monster score on Friday night. Jack Macrae (107) and Toby Nankervis (91) were also solid while Jarryd Roughead (53) continues to be of concern.


We’ll make at least one trade this week, bringing in Fremantle’s Harley Balic. The debate is whether we let go of Sam Powell-Pepper (41) or Roughead to do so. Either way, we see Balic as a bit of a cash grab for us. Elliot Yeo is tempting as his form has been stunning over the first four rounds and would have one back flank in the All-Australian team locked up at present. We’ll have the debate on whether to bring him in or not once teams are announced.

Next week we are looking toward Zac Fisher in defence. He had a solid outing for Carlton in his debut and kicked a wonderful goal from the pocket. We’ll keep our eye on him in Round 5 and if he scores decently, we’ll bring him in in favour of Tom Stewart who is nearing his peak. If we don’t grab Yeo this week, we’ll look to target a fallen premium like Dan Hannebery with our second trade next week.

We’re not without problems in our team though, on top of a few concerning breakevens we are still holding on to Brett Eddy and Jake Barrett who didn’t play in Round 4. For now, though, I think we hold on to them and hope they regain their places.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.28.13 am

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim

    April 20, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    I was also thinking of bringing in Balic for either Barrett or Taranto but alas he’s also out with a hip injury. With Newman out there’s hardly any cover in the back or forward line as I may need to cover for the potentially late withdrawal of David Swallow. Not sure who else to bring in for O’Meara as he’s missing another week and there’s hardly anyone in the range of 300-450K worth bringing in who can score well.
    Williamson from Carlton is another option to replace Hibberd but this means I will have to leave Adams in midfield and that’s not a good long term tactic. So it seems no changes for my team this week at this stage.

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