Show me the Money

Show Me The Money – Round 19


Opening Statement

‘Show me the money’ is back.

Jerry M apologises for the brief hiatus. The constant stress of SuperCoach in this frustrating season nearly drove him to the point of insanity. He needed a holiday. Some sunshine; some place where he wouldn’t have to think about this fickle, fickle game of ours.

Back from his month in Hawaii, he is rested and ready to launch into those players who didn’t have such great weekends.

Luckily, it was a fairly high scoring round, so there weren’t too many passengers running around.

Toby Nankervis – 54

This bloke was appearing regularly in these before the trip away, but he is back for this edition. Nank soiled his trousers on Sunday afternoon, managing just 10 SuperCoach points in the first half and ending the game on 54. Toby the Nank engine had a decent run of scores during my time in Honolulu (108, 81 and 94 in his past three) but decided to welcome me with that shocking effort on Sunday. If he hadn’t have kicked that miraculous yet uncoordinated snag on the left, it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

You have been a bloody good servant but lately, something has been missing. You know I love you, mate, and I know you can lift. It’s going to be a hard ask against Jarrod Witts, though.

Bryce Gibbs – 45

Bryce gave the 4,977 SuperCoachers that own him a kick in the guts on Sunday evening. In a round where there were some massive totals amassed by midfielders, Gibbs produced a paltry 45 points against the Lions. He copped the Tom Rockliff tag (yep, you read that right) and was pantsed by the fantasy pig himself.

Bryce, I know you’re reading this. You’ve had a good year, mate. You hit the highest of SuperCoach highs – the elusive SuperCoach double ton. You’ve got your bags packed for your move to Adelaide. But I reckon you may be getting a bit ahead of yourself because you CAN’T be giving us that kind of rubbish! Fight the tag, mate, or you’re going to have another stinker up against Scooter Selwood this weekend.

Tom Rockliff – 57

It seems Rocky joined me on my holiday because he hasn’t shown up in the past month. Tom Rockliff was reduced to the status of ‘tagger’ by Chris Fagan and to his credit he did a damn good job, limiting Gibbs to just 8 disposals. Unfortunately, Rockliff only managed to touch the pill 10 times himself, posting the same score as last week: 57.

Thomas was out from round 8 with a shoulder injury and since returning to the side in Round 12, he has failed to surpass 100 SuperCoach points. I’d say ‘Show me the money’ but he has absolutely none to show, falling $200,000 since his return. Time to part ways with him, I think.

Nic Newman 57

He has been an amazing servant for our sides this year, but lately, Nicholas Newman hasn’t been cutting the mustard. Nic Newman won just 14 disposals in the Swans convincing win over the Saints, reaching just 57 points. This backed up his average 64 point effort the previous week.

25% of the populous still own this bloke, and at $405,600 he still has some sort of value. I’d recommend giving this guy the flick for a premium defender if he is on your field.

Or you could always ring him up and tell him to show us the money. Whatever suits you, I guess.

Also, that Dan bloke just told me he traded Newman over Tom Stewart at Round 7, so it may be worth taking your own advice.


It is that time of the year where we have to make the tough calls. If you have the trades, it is worth upgrading the likes of Nank, Rockliff and Newman for proven 2017 performers. But considering most of us are short of trades, they are going to have to pull their fingers out for many of us.

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