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As some of us build towards a Grand Final berth in our SuperCoach leagues, other SuperCoach fans continue to watch intently trying to improve their sides to be as good as possible before the season winds up.

Round 22 looms as an important round for so many of us with so much on the line. As a result, we’ll be watching every game with lots of interest. However, there is no game more important than Friday night’s blockbuster between Adelaide and the Sydney Swans. There will be many big name players involved as well as extra importance towards nailing the vice-captaincy loophole due to the abundance of SuperCoach stars in action.

There will be so important players involved but there are a few that will be looked at with extra interest, all of whom should also be highly considered as a potential vice-captain for the week:

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2017 Average: 94.1
Predicted Round 22 score: 105

There is no other player than Lance Franklin who loves a big game and a big blockbuster.

A seasonal high-score of 164 points and a low-score of 42 is evidence of Buddy’s up and down year – both coincidentally coming in Franklin’s past two matches. Coming off a big four-goal, 164-point performance against the Dockers means Buddy could be heading towards the Swans’ finals campaign with a head full of steam.

A predicted score of 105 points this week feels quite accurate. Franklin has played Adelaide twice in two years, kicking two bags of four and finishing with a score around that 100-point mark. I’m expecting a solid game from Buddy this weekend – probably a three or four goal performance. Expect him to play up the ground a little bit as well to try and take Daniel Talia out of his comfort zone.


2017 Average: 101.4
Predicted Round 22 score: 92

There is a big mystery surrounding Josh Kennedy this week – will he play or will he not?

Averaging 101.4 for the year, 2017 has been Kennedy’s worst year from a SuperCoach standpoint for six years. For 12.6% of teams, fingers are crossed that Kennedy is playing. The worry is though – how much of an impact will Kennedy have coming off an injury?

Given the year he’s had it’s hard to expect Kennedy to set the world on fire on Friday night. The likes of Luke Parker, Dan Hannebery and Kieren Jack will need to shoulder most of the load against the Crows, therefore don’t expect Kennedy to have a big impact in his return from injury (if he does indeed do so). Should rack up his usual 25 disposals or so and finish with a 90-point score.


2017 Average: 109.9
Predicted Round 22 score: 123

Young Crow Matt Crouch is fast becoming one of SuperCoach’s most valuable players despite being in just 5% of teams.

Averaging 132.7 points across his last three outings, Crouch is clearly one of Adelaide’s most important ball winners at the moment and has benefitted greatly from Rory Sloane receiving extra attention throughout the year. If you’re looking for a player to bring into your midfield either this week or next week for whatever reason, Crouch is your man.

Round nine was the last time Crouch fell below the 100-point mark, and in that time has since has also piled on seven scores above the 120-point mark – four of them coming in the last month.

Crouch has been fantastic in his last few games so expect much of the same heading towards the finals. Given Sloane’s form all year, expect the Swans to try and lock him down, hopefully allowing Crouch to continue showing his true colours. You should be confident Crouch will pick up 30+ disposals comfortably and should continue his trend and score above 120 points. A great ‘VC’ option for those with him.


2017 Average: 107.7
Predicted Round 22 score: 102

Big name Adelaide midfielder Rory Sloane had a blistering start to the season but his form has since faded slightly with increased attention from opposition midfielders.

While Sydney don’t particularly tag directly, it is assumed that they will look to someone to show consistent attention to Sloane throughout the game on Friday night. In all four of Adelaide’s losses this year Sloane has failed to have a big impact and a big part of that is limiting his number of touches of the football.

I still believe Sloane will have an impact on Friday night, however will finish with around 25-30 possessions and have a normal, average SuperCoach output.

While this game is important from a SuperCoach perspective, it’s also huge for the Swans as they march towards the finals. Many will straight away tip the Crows based on their form and ladder position without much thought, but watch out for Sydney. They are marching towards September and absolutely embarrassed Fremantle last week by a monster 104 points.

Friday night is set to be a big night with so many players to look out for. I’m tipping Adelaide (just) but expect the Swans to put up a big fight. Good luck to all who are nervously hoping their team can take them to a Grand Final!

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