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SuperCoach Scout – Replacing Patrick Cripps

The world of AFL related media is vast, dynamic and fast paced. If you aren’t engaged on a daily basis, you’re bound to miss something in the flood of news articles, opinion pieces, videos and social media posts – and how relevant are they all to your SuperCoach team anyway? This season, we’re solving your problem. Each week we’ll give you our take on the most SuperCoach relevant media.

After a poor first outing against the Tigers to begin his 2017 campaign, the Carlton youngster put together a consistent run of form. In his following six matches, Cripps had five scores ranging between 100 and 110, and an outlier of 77 against the Suns. Then in round eight, Cripps belted out a season-high score of 157 against the Saints. Although he was thereabouts, the 22-year-old bull couldn’t crack the 100 over the next three weeks. From rounds 13 to 15 he bounced back with scores of 114, 134 and 126. The Blues were in competitive spirit – lead by Cripps who was ranked third in the league for clearances since Round 7. For obvious reasons, Cripps was getting attention among the SuperCoach community – including us; we traded him into SCPFC last week – before carnage struck during the second term of Carlton’s clash with the Demons last Sunday. The Blues confirmed Monday that their young prodigy had received a broken fibula, and will miss the rest of the season.

Cripps is currently priced at $533,500, with the run home creeping up, getting his replacement right is crucial. I’ll walk you through the best options, and some unique picks that may get you through SuperCoach glory as the rollercoaster finals approach.

If you’re crazy and have gone this far without Patrick Dangerfield then, unfortunately, he’s probably too expensive to jump on now considering his insane run of form – so I’m going to leave him off this list.

Even if you don’t have the injured Cripps, you may want to look at these guys for your last upgrade spot in the midfield. Read more…

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