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SuperCoach Spotlight – Rookie Forwards

We have not been blessed with a hell of a lot of rookies in this position from the SuperCoach Gods, with many SuperCoachers opting to put a mid-pricer at F4 to compensate for this. Nonetheless, we must take a look at all viable cheap options for our forward line considering the midfield has dire rookies putting their name up. Ideally, you would want to have at least four rookies in your forward line, but there is scope for more or less depending on your team structures.

Here is a look at all of the feasible forward rookies for 2017. No Sam Kerridge’s this year, unfortunately, folks.

Tim Taranto

Price: $207,300
JLT Community Series Average: 89.6 (93, 97, 76)

He was a draft bolter late last year, and now he is now a bolter for our SuperCoach forward lines. Taranto is explosive, wins the footy and kicks goals when forward. The only question mark was his standing in the talented GWS lineup, and from the looks of his JLT efforts, he is inside their best 22.  Featured in their midfield majority of the time and scored two 90+ scores in JLT. Lock if named Round 1 in my eyes considering McCluggage is out injured.

Brett Eddy

Price: $102,400
JLT Community Series Average: 59 (33, 40, 104)

A real ‘7 possessions, 4 goals’ type of operator, Brett ‘Lock it in’ Eddy knows where the goals are. The mature age recruit booted 5.4 yesterday and scored 104 from 15 kicks, no handballs. Kicked 74 goals in the SANFL last season. Won’t kick bags every week, but at $102k, you can’t go wrong. Will almost certainly be elevated to the senior list with Port’s lack of forward options. One who will sit on your bench. The Ryan Davis of 2017.

Aaron Black

Price: $137,100
2015 SuperCoach Average: 53.4
JLT Community Series Average: 42 (3 games)

If only we had Sam Kerridge at $137k again. Instead, we have Aaron Black. Previously I would have said Black has the best job security of all forward rookies, but he was a no-show for Geelong’s last JLT game. Scored 89 in the first match with four goals then followed it up with 29. He will be up and down, but we may have to go with him if he is picked and others aren’t.

Jarrod Pickett

Price: $123,900
JLT Community Series Average: 51 (26, 41, 86)

Jarrod Picket is essentially 2017’s version of Jay Kennedy-Harris as a rookie. The former Giant will have the odd 2-3 goal 80+ game but will throw in the odd 30 as well. Not a reliable field option, that’s for sure. Pickett has plenty of talent, being the #4 selection in the 2014 draft, and looks to have a spot in the Blues line-up. His MID/FWD status is handy too.

Kayne Turner

Price: $171,400
JLT Community Series Average: 65 (32, 62, 102)

Turner had a year he would want to forget in 2016, playing just two games and being punished by the club for a drink driving offence. Apparently, has put on 5kg over summer and was great on Friday night with 102 points, laying six tackles and booting three goals. His job security appears to be sound in the weak Roos side, but does he justify the extra 50k over a regular rookie?

Dan Houston

Price: $117,300
JLT Community Series Average: 60 (60, 81, 39)

Eddy’s performance may have cost Houston an upgrade to the senior list. Houston impressed early in the JLT playing across half-back for the Power, a role that may still be available to him if Jasper Pittard remains on the sidelines. If he is upgraded and selected Round 1 he is a possible F6 option. If he isn’t, don’t bother.

Dan Butler

Price: $123, 900
JLT Community Series Average: 57.3 (75, 53, 45)

As a Tiger fan, I like the look of this bloke and he should get games in 2017. He is just what Richmond need considering they lack pace on the outside, and he fills a need as a small forward. His scoring suggests he probably won’t be a reliable on-field option, but if he is selected Round 1, his job security should be solid.

Teia Miles

Price: $123, 900
JLT Community Series Average: 53 (58, 46, 55)

Some are talking up Miles as a half-back flanker but I just can’t see him fitting into the Hawthorn side. Gibson and Birchall have to come back into that defence and Miles looks like one of the ones who will slide out. Looked reasonable in the JLT but his job security is certainly questionable. One to think about if he gets a call up for Round 1, though.

Cam McCarthy

Price: $203,600
2015 SuperCoach Average: 53.4
JLT Community Series Average: 61 (39, 58, 86)

Rocking one of the filthiest moustache/hair operations in the business, Cam ‘The Great’ McCarthy shot into calculations after his bag of six on the weekend. This was against Carlton though, and he only managed to score 86 points for the whole.  Played a full season in 2015 for an average of 53.4 points per game… Great job security, but is too pricey for what he offers.

Jack Bowes

Price: $171,300
JLT Community Series Average: 37 (35, 39)

This kid at one stage last year was a potential top three draft pick. Bowes hasn’t really set the world on fire during the JLT but could feature in the Suns’ side in Round 1. A 90 average amongst the big boys in the NEAFL last year is all Bowes can really hang his hat on. In saying that, I could probably average around 75 in that comp.

His teammate Ben Ainsworth is also a strong chance on playing Round 1, but he posted two scores in the 20’s in the JLT… Not worth the $198k price tag, I would imagine.

Ryan Schoenmakers

Price: $155,100
2016 Average: 28.5 (4 games
JLT Community Series Average: 51 (72, 66, 40)

If you’re really desperate for a mature option, perhaps ‘the Schoe’ will be the right fit for you. Can’t say Ryan has ever been SuperCoach relevant, but he does have a few years of 60+ averages under his belt. Is he in their best 22 with the inclusion of Tyrone Vickery?

Hugh McCluggage

Expected to miss the next four weeks with injury. Pass.

Dan finished 746th in SC ’16

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