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Player of the Year

Round 19-23 and final placings.

Welcome to the final edition of the SuperCoach Paige Player of the Year. The votes that were being counted each week went in camera after Round 18, so now we have compiled the votes for the final five weeks of the season, to determine the winner of the Player of…

SuperCoach Diaries

Round 21

Stress is a normal part of day-to-day life. When it comes to a weekend in the footy season, these tend to rise – not just for the supporter in the stadium, but more the hundreds of thousands of coaches around the globe who are managing their SuperCoach team. (more…)

SuperCoach Breakevens: Round 19

A players breakeven is a vital tool that helps coaches track the progress of each individual player, and is pivotal to utilise when trading. The higher a players breakeven, the more unlikely that they will reach that target, thus resulting in a predicted price drop. The lower the breakeven, the more likely that…