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Team Reveal – Benny’s Cousin

Every day until lockout the experts at SCP will reveal their SuperCoach team. That’s one team per day from now until Thursday night’s clash between Carlton and Richmond! While our teams will inevitably change with the announcement of the Round 1 AFL teams, we want to share our insight with you and hear what you think of our teams. Not only are we revealing our teams but we’re revealing a league code every day as well, so check back daily and join one of our leagues where you can play against our experts as well as our collaborative team, SCPFC. 


Gone for a punny team name in remembrance of the West Coast champion, always trying to get people to remember how good this bloke was. First time I’ve run this team name and I hope this change results in a higher rank. As expected, rookies are not set in stone but with the bye structure taking a toll I’ve gone with this squad of 30 players. Benny’s Cousin is home to just a couple of mid-priced players, with a heavy focus on premiums and rookies to power me through.



Found the backline easier to lock in compared to previous years, with four premiums and two rookies filling out my back six. Carlton’s Sam Docherty has come through big for all of us SuperCoaches, it still amazes me that only 20 per cent of teams own him after averaging 108 last year – he’ll pick up from where he left off last year. Taylor Adams and Rory Laird fill up the next two spots who are both common selections who I believe will do the job, set and forget players we like to call them. Sydney’s Jake Lloyd is a unique pick who more and more are becoming aware of, was great towards the back end of 2016 and proved to still be moving well through the JLT matches.  Curtly Hampton is one that I’m not sold on, yet I think he’ll be given opportunities and at that price, you can’t ignore him. Fremantle’s Luke Ryan is a mature age rookie who should mirror the works of Marcus Adams last year, finds the footy and uses it terrifically. Both Ed Vickers-Willis and Tom Stewart are looking likely to keep their spots in my squad if they are named this week.



Gone for a slightly different midfield here, opted to have no Dangerfield, instead, I’ve gone for a mix of young stars, experienced heads and guns returning from injury. Adam Treloar and Patrick Cripps are both ready to take the next step in their careers and mark their spot as elite SuperCoach operators. I’ve had Matt Priddis every year I’ve played SuperCoach, been my Mr Consistent and still think he has one more big year in him. Nat Fyfe is self-explanatory, excites me too much to miss out, whilst Dayne Beams will provide me with big points once he gets going. I’ve decided on Gold Coast’s David Swallow instead of Jaeger O’Meara, he gives me a little bit more cash to throw around and I believe Swallow will do enough to reach premium levels before I can sideways trade him to Patrick Dangerfield or another elite mover. Really enjoyed what I’ve seen from Tim Taranto and with Stephen Coniglio out for six weeks, I believe Taranto will soak up the cash we need from him in due time, his DPP ability will come in handy too. Power’s Sam Powell-Pepper is a safe selection, if his name is read out Thursday Night then he’s a lock. The three rookies across the bench are there due to word on the street, if named then they’ll most likely get a gig for 2017.



Max Gawn should pick up from where he left off, he’ll be a captain option most weeks this year, just can’t miss out on him. Aaron Sandilands is just too cheap to ignore, given his history if he can stay on the park he’ll prove his worth. ‘Sandi’ was once a premier ruckman for consecutive years and if he can average anything over 85 it’s a win – rucks who win a lot of hit outs are given points in return so I’m not worried about his output. As seen and spoke about in other sides, Luke Strnadica is in the side for his durability and will be used as a captain loophole most weeks.



Finally, onto the line that gave me the most headaches – our forwards. I had Luke Dahlhaus last year (off and on due to injury) and I knew what I was getting with him, now that he’s in his prime he’s a sure thing. Gone against my ‘no key forwards’ rule with Buddy Franklin, never owned him but like Priddis I know he’ll give at least one more solid year, whilst also seeking redemption for last year’s disappointing Grand Final loss. Jack Macrae was one of my first picked players after seeing him as a forward, still young and ready to be the highest scoring forward this season – mark my words. Jarryd Roughead also can’t be ignored, not big on mid-priced players but when someone like Roughy comes along I can be calm about it. Unsure on the James Stewart selection, if named I think he’ll give more than anyone else around that price range. Finally, the fifth most picked player so far – Brett Eddy. 51 percent of coaches have gone with the rookie and for good reason too, he showed he will give us bulk cash to begin the year. Jarrod Pickett should line up for his AFL debut against the Tigers, whilst Aaron Black will be offloaded if Geelong doesn’t select him.


What do you think of the team? Let me know on Facebook or in the comments.

Want to take on Benny’s Cousin? Join my league and pit your skills against me and SCPFC: 564787

Reminder: first in, best-dressed rules apply to this league, but if you miss out, don’t worry. Keep an eye out for league codes in each of our team reveals, every day until the first match!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Carleton

    March 21, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    I like it! Very good team.

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