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Team Reveal – SuperSaints

Every day until lockout the experts at SCP will reveal their SuperCoach team. That’s one team per day from now until Thursday night’s clash between Carlton and Richmond! While our teams will inevitably change with the announcement of the Round 1 AFL teams, we want to share our insight with you and hear what you think of our teams. Not only are we revealing our teams but we’re revealing a league code every day as well, so check back daily and join one of our leagues where you can play against our experts as well as our collaborative team, SCPFC. 

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I’ll be the first to admit, like Ben – my SuperCoach team wasn’t one of the first to be made when it first opened to the public. Similarly, it has also meant I’ve been able to sleep every night and keep my hair intact. Hopefully, this turns out to be more help than hindrance given I’m less likely to change my team daily.  In saying that, there will be some changes to come to SuperSaints before next Thursday when Round 1 kicks off.


Team Reveal - SuperSaints DEF

I’m not 100% sold yet on how my backline looks. I wouldn’t mind shuffling my team in order to bring in a proven player, in place of a rookie. As it is, though, I have Heath Shaw as the general. With all things considered, you can’t really go past him. He’s performed well for GWS with an average of 106 last year and 112.6 in 2015.

Shannon Hurn is a left-field option, sitting in less than 1% of teams at this stage. He’s never averaged over 100 in a season yet, but hopefully, this can be his year with his JLT Series form. Zach Tuohy has impressed at the Cattery, hence his selection. Crossing to a new club, where he will fill Corey Enright’s role should lead to an increased score from the defender.

As for my rookies, I haven’t done too much research into who I’ll start, and who will be ‘rested’. A lot of this will get down to who is named Round 1. However, job security and their first few games will be critical to whether they stay in my side. I’m not really a fan though of having two players from three teams (Adelaide, Geelong and North Melbourne) occupying six of the eight spots, which could also be a deciding factor.


Team Reveal - SuperSaints MID

This was a difficult position to pick. For some people, it’s whether they’ll include the likes of Jaeger, but for me, it was a matter of eliminating the premium options first. Players such as Dayne Beams, Dayne Zorko and Aaron Hall could easily come into my team in the next few days. I also made the tough call to leave Gary Ablett out of my side. Ultimately, I decided that $620,600 was a little bit too much to put on the line for Round 1. I have no doubt, he’ll perform, but I feel (well, I’m hoping) that there’s better value for money out there.

It should go without saying that you have Patrick Dangerfield in your side, he will, without a doubt, do what Ablett did in previous years. Scott Pendlebury I think is a tad overpriced, which may mean that he makes way before Thursday to help shape my backline further. In saying that, you can depend on him.

Nat Fyfe comes at a reasonable price considering his NAB Cup form. He’s taken the time to recover from his leg injury, meaning that he should be rearing to go for Fremantle. He averaged 113.7 in the JLT Series, which should carry into Round 1 against Port Adelaide. Ollie Wines was able to average 102.7 – which is similar to previous years, where his average was 100.3 in 2014, 97.3 and 98.1 in 2016 and 2016 respectively. At 22 years of age, he still has plenty to offer, and if he can cut down on clangers – then his selection will be justified.

Michael Barlow is also a nice point of difference, so please – don’t make him popular. He’s in less than 2% of teams, giving him the unique status that I wrote about this week. Josh Kelly has improved from a SuperCoach aspect every season, despite being only 22-years-old. The biggest issue is going to be competing with the young talent GWS is pumping out. He posted a massive 151 points in his first JLT Series game – showing that the Giant may be about to push himself up into the elite category. If he can do that, then he will be money well spent.

Jaeger O’Meara and David Swallow are both big risks considering their long-term injuries, but for me – their price is just too good to ignore. With O’Meara in half of the teams to date, it looks like his performance won’t advantage/disadvantage me too much. It goes without saying that of course, I want him (and Swallow) to come out firing. Between the pair, there is some money to be made given their highly-touted abilities. For Swallow, if he can return to his 2014 season (last full season), where he averaged 103, 37% of SuperCoaches will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Sam Powell-Pepper has already made a name for himself and looks likely to play several games, while Jake Barrett and Harrison Wigg can hopefully muster the same.


Team Reveal - SuperSaints RUCK

No Max Gawn…yet anyway. When I put my side together, I couldn’t be convinced of spending that much on him. It will be my luck that he will come out and go bang, bang – even with Jake Spencer in Melbourne’s side. For now, though, I couldn’t ignore the Toby Nankervis hype, especially given his price and Richmond’s current ruck position.

Tom Hickey finds himself in only 3% of teams, and while I’m a Saints supporter – I think he could be a good pick up. The Saints steady improvement will only help Hickey, who, if he can keep Longer out of the side for most of the season – should see an increase in scores. Not just because he would shoulder an increased load, but with the new designated ruckmen rule coming into effect, Hickey’s scores will improve.

Luke Strnadica isn’t a name you’ll hear much, but at $102,400 – he’ll be playing a huge role for my side this year. He might not get a gig under Ross Lyon – actually I’d be surprised if he did, because why would you want to play young talent?! However, the ruckman will come in very handy in helping to execute the captain loophole.


Team Reveal - SuperSaints FWD

When I watched his first JLT Series game, I was surprised not only at the fact that he was playing the first preseason game but at the way he pushed up the ground and got around the ball. His preseason form wasn’t something that set the world on fire, but with the lack of decent forward options about – I’m hoping that Nick Riewoldt can produce some of his finest form. In years gone by, he’s been a strong SuperCoach contributor – but has failed to average above 110 since 2009. In saying that – he did finish 2016 off going at 101 points a game.

Luke Dahlhaus pretty much picks himself. His price is good, as mentioned there are not too many premium options and he has DPP status.

Averaging 118.5 I was happy to pick up Toby Greene for the price he is. Battling the young players around him for points will be the hardest thing to do, but he did average 21 touches and almost two goals a game last season.

Jarryd Roughead’s job security is pretty good, despite his awkward price. Captain Roughy does have what it takes though to resume from where he left off and push for an average come seasons end in triple figures. His JLT average of 78 hopefully is only him brushing off the cobwebs, but come Round 1 – that will become more clear.

When it comes to rookies, Tim Taranto and Brett Eddy should both hold down their respective spots, while Jarrod Pickett adds flexibility with his DPP status. Dan Houston is 50/50 to lineup in Round 1 for Port Adelaide, so his spot in my side hasn’t been determined either.


I can assure you there will be some deep thought going into my side before lockout arrives. I’ve only got $12,800 sitting in the kitty at the moment, so it would be good to increase this – more for comfort’s sake. Generally, I like to aim for a figure that allows for an emergency trade to be made early on. Providing it’s between $20,000 and $90,000 – you can’t really complain.

Some more thought may have to go into some choices given the bye rounds this season. Although I wouldn’t advise planning your team completely around how the byes are fixtured, it’s still important to have them in the back of your mind when compiling your team.

You can take me on, as well as our collaborative #SCPFC team this year by joining with the code: 318605.

If you miss out, though, it’s not all doom and gloom! There will be a league code released daily that allows you to take on #SCPFC and one of the SCP team members! Alternatively, I’ll also be joining one of YOUR leagues! Head over to my Twitter (listed below) and give me a reason why I should. The best reason prior to lockout will be given the chance to verse me in 2017.

If you miss out, though, it’s not all doom and gloom! There will be a league code released daily that allows you to take on #SCPFC and one of the SCP team members! Alternatively, I’ll also be joining one of YOUR leagues! Head over to my Twitter (listed below) and give me a reason why I should. The best reason prior to lockout will be given the chance to verse me in 2017.

If you want to make a suggestion or even ask a question you can do so in the comments below or head over to Twitter and ask me there. Fire away!

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1 Comment

  1. Carleton

    March 19, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    Yeah… This is like, your second year of being an expert – that’s an insult by the way. The team isn’t that good. You’ll do alright, but certainly won’t breakout.

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