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Team Reveal – The Bevolution

Every day until lockout the experts at SCP will reveal their SuperCoach team. That’s one team per day from now until Thursday night’s clash between Carlton and Richmond! While our teams will inevitably change with the announcement of the Round 1 AFL teams, we want to share our insight with you and hear what you think of our teams. Not only are we revealing our teams but we’re revealing a league code every day as well, so check back daily and join one of our leagues where you can play against our experts as well as our collaborative team, SCPFC. 


Welcome to The Bevolution! They say that every great team has a great coach leading the way, so when it comes to trying to channel the abilities of an AFL coach, what better candidate is there to choose than the one who produced arguably one of the single greatest coaching performances of all time last year? Bevo’s Bulldogs had everything in 2016: grit, talent, determination, and a Premiership – all of which was achieved with an injury list almost as big as Tom Boyd’s presence on Grand Final day! I’m hoping that naming this great team after Bevo will be just the tonic to channel all of those qualities into my side (apart from the injury list, of course), and whilst the game plan with any Premiership coach is undoubtedly sound, the philosophical nature of Bevo’s poetic side is also something that will give me an advantage over the rest of the competition – I just need to hope that the players in my team can hear the raucous instructions of yours truly from 20 rows back! So without further ado, here’s the side that will be representing The Bevolution in SuperCoach Season 2017!



The defence has been something of a revolving door during the pre-season, with premiums, mid-priced gambles, and rookies all being shuffled around thoroughly, but I feel as though I’ve finally settled on a defensive combination that I am happy with and that will deliver. Starting things off is Taylor Adams – a selection that no doubt will be a very popular one, considering he will likely rack of plenty of midfield numbers, even though he is eligible to be selected as a defender. Scores of 84 and 99 are a good start, at least. Rory Laird was a very good performer for my side last year, and I see no harm in going with him again this time around, especially after his average of 100 in the JLT Series. Jake Lloyd had a very impressive end to last season, and being another strong performer in the pre-season competition makes him an attractive and unique proposition.

Loyalty is a trait that exists scarcely in the realms of SuperCoach, but under the circumstances, there’s just enough room for one of my all-time favourites in Bob Murphy, whilst Jackson Thurlow makes it a pair of defenders returning from season-ending knee injuries, and he played all three JLT Series games, scoring 74, 84 and 90, so he’s locked in. The last defensive position goes to Curtly Hampton. Having been given a second chance following his departure from the Giants, the now-Crow has turned plenty of heads so far. Scores of 100, 66 and 90 suggest that he may be inconsistent, but at such a low price there’s next to no risk involved in his selection.

Whilst we’re on the topic of Adelaide, Andy Otten looks as though he has finally, finally, shaken his injury concerns, and with a three-game average of 85.3, he should be on every SuperCoach bench in the country, whilst Ed Vickers-Willis nearly broke into North Melbourne’s team late last year, and with a pair of 80’s in the pre-season, coupled with North’s pressing need for an injection of youth, we could see him play more than a few games this year.



Yes, I can hear the cries of “there’s always one” ringing around Australia right now. As you can see, the midfield is strictly a Danger-free zone, for now at least. The thinking is that even if he averages 120 points this year, his price could still drop significantly by mid-season. Additionally, whilst his season average of 131.7 last year was incredible, only three men (currently playing) have finished with a season average of 130+, and only one of them has achieved it multiple times. Gary Ablett has done it a staggering four times, and Brendon Goddard and Tom Rockliff managed the feat just once. Whilst I’m not suggesting that Dangerfield won’t have a terrific season, history suggests that it will be very difficult for him just to back it up, never mind improve on it. Anyway, instead of Dangerfield, I’ve opted for Josh P. Kennedy as my main talisman, I’ve also gone with a Magpie, but not Pendlebury. Rather, Adam Treloar, who is also priced at over $600,000. He looms as a unique option, and if he can replicate his 2016 strike rate of 16 centuries in 22 games my punt will well and truly be vindicated.

Marcus Bontempelli could very well win the Brownlow Medal this year, so he’s a must-have. Nat Fyfe‘s inclusion is a no-brainer, whilst Dayne Beams is a steal at that price if he can get his body right, and might be another unique option as well. Whilst on the topic of players returning from injury, I’m confident in Jaeger O’Meara returning to his prime, especially given his JLT Series form (despite having a sneaking suspicion that Hawthorn will rotate him out early in the season to manage those knees), and I’m also pinning my hopes on David Swallow making a successful return, although his last pre-season score of just 68 wasn’t the best of notes to end on. Sam Powell-Pepper is an absolute midfield wrecking ball of a rookie midfielder who is raring to go for Round 1, whilst Jake Barrett, Mitchell Hibberd, and Harrison Wigg should all be useful cash cows during the season, given their respective impressive outings in the pre-season.



Considering how successful my tactic of having two gun ruckmen was last year, it comes as a surprise to me that I’ve reverted back to the “tried-and-failed” system of one gun and one mid-priced ruckman. I’ve tried so desperately hard to avoid getting sucked into the players who have been hyped up to the point of no return during the pre-season, including Zach Tuohy, Josh Kelly and Jack Steele, but I’ve been unable to resist the lure of Toby Nankervis, after producing three very strong outings. For my premium ruckman, I was on board the Max Gawn train for a long time, but after an underwhelming pre-season, I’ve decided to downgrade slightly, opting for Todd Goldstein to return to his 2015 form. Luke Strnadica won’t play much this season, but it’s not all bad news; his lack of game time will make him a handy Captain’s Loophole pick.



Luke Dahlhaus and Jackson Macrae are set to be two of the most popular forward choices in the game this year. Almost every team I’ve seen so far has at least one of them, and some teams have even gone with BOTH of them. Now, I’m probably one of the biggest, one-eyed Bulldogs supporters you’ll ever meet, but I can’t justify having both of them in my side, especially when you consider that I was so desperate to have Toby McLean in my side, who I’m confident will explode this season. Scores of 86, 86 and 61 were solid for McLean, but his efficiency in each game was well down, something that is very unlike him, so a more clinical McLean will see him score a lot higher. With all that in mind, I’ve opted for Dahlhaus in the F1 position. Toby Greene is the other premium player that I have opted for in this line-up. After averaging 90.4 points last season, and recording 155 and 82 in his two performances, he looks primed to take his game to another level this year, especially given that Stephen Coniglio will be absent early on.

As you can see, I’ve gone for a few mid-priced risks in my side, but all of them make sense, as far as I’m concerned. As previously mentioned, I’ve got a good, old-fashioned hunch on Toby McLean making the grade this year, but Jarryd Roughead and Nathan Hrovat could well become premiums this year. Roughead’s cancer troubles have been well documented and it’s great to have him back playing footy, but on his day the recently-appointed skipper is one of the most versatile and dangerous forwards in the competition. Hrovat finds himself at Arden St after being unable to break into the Premiership-winning outfit at the Western Oval, but not due to a lack of ability. Whenever Hrovat came into the side he looked comfortable and didn’t ever do a whole lot wrong, but the depth of talent the Bulldogs have in his position meant that opportunities were always going to be tough. He’s a lock to thrive at North Melbourne.

The last forward on the field is Geelong’s, Brandan Parfitt. He is able to selected as both a midfielder and a forward, but for the sake of team balance, he’s been stowed away in my forward line. Scores of 55, 58 and 60 aren’t elite by any means, but if he plays every week, I’ll happily take those kinds of scores and watch his value rise and rise. To be fair, either of the two forwards on the bench could easily stake a claim to starting on the field as well. Dan Butler has already been confirmed as a Round 1 debutant, so there’s no issue with job security there, and the same goes for Brett Eddy, especially after he was elevated off the rookie list a few days ago, and after going ballistic against Hawthorn in the final pre-season hitout, we know he’s more than capable of producing a big score on his day as well.


So, subject to late changes (of which I’m hoping there are none), this is how The Bevolution will look as we head into Round 1. Of course, coaches are always known to spring a surprise or two at the selection table, but I’ll be hoping that they just decide to keep things simple and allow us SuperCoaches to ease into the season as best we can without the unnecessary need for selection headaches to compound our issues. As it stands, I currently have $29k left in the bank, so should any issues arise, I have a little wriggle room to make any necessary changes.

What do you think of the team? Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Reminder: first in, best-dressed rules apply to this league, but if you miss out, don’t worry. Keep an eye out for league codes in each of our team reveals, every day until the first match!




  1. Carleton

    March 20, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Not a good team.
    Just bein’ honest… You’ll get there! 😀

  2. neil

    March 20, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    wow 11 midpricers some gonads my friend.Sorry but worst team by far but who am i.Def is super weak and no Danger and Gawn is bad but some good pods Hrovat like this one and toby thought I had him alone great call FIX the def and a chance good luck wish I was playing you Cheers Neil

  3. Carleton

    March 21, 2017 at 3:29 am

    Not to be rude, but it’s terrible! Rookie team! Want some help? O_O

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