SuperCoach 2017

What Would SCP Do?

What Would SCP Do?


Salary Cap Remaining: $801,100
Trades Remaining: 20


Secondly, this is going to be a lot of fun.

You have 15 trades and $800k in the kitty, and are in a solid position to improve your side both for this coming week and more importantly, for the future.

The Prestigious 9a’s have just 15 on this week, but have scope to upgrade two or three rookies into crème de la crème premiums.

You mentioned in the comments that you wished to downgrade Powell-Pepper to make it $1 million in the bank. I found this rather bemusing, as there isn’t much point having that much moolah just sitting there while other teams are looking at a full premium side post-Round 13.

The time to strike is now, Danny (nice name by the way).

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There are plenty of options up your sleave with that much dosh up your sleave. Logically, we are looking exclusively at players from teams who have had their bye (ie. every team besides Collingwood, Adelaide, GWS, Fremantle, Essendon and Hawthorn). I’ve taken into account that you’ve already used a trade this week, Here are just a few possible trades you can do:

  1. Andy Otten > Sam Docherty – Otten is ready to be sent to the abbatoir, Docherty is the most expensive defender at this time but he is also far and away the best scoring defender. Docherty scores SuperCoach points for fun, and is currently the fourth best average in the comp at 116.4. Smashed out a 145 last week against the Giants and will be well worth the $230k investment.


  1. Will Hoskin-Elliott > Elliot Yeo – Many have had question marks on Yeo in the first half of the season and he has proved them wrong. Can see him continuing in the same vein for the remainder of 2017. Currently boasts the best average of any forward in the competition and considering you already have Dahl and Macrae, is the best option for your side. Like Otten, WHE has the bye this week and has done his job as a cash cow.


Blake Hardwick > Tom Lynch – I suggested to bring in this man last week and he pumped out a score of 103 against the Hawks. Only $13k more than last week and with a breakeven of 67 coming up against Carlton, he is ripe for the picking. If you are content with your first trade, I’d choose between trading in one of Lynch or Yeo.


I’m expecting you to absolutely fly home, mate. You still have Tommy Stewart, SPP, Greenwood and Scooter Selwood to upgrade/downgrade in the coming weeks. Certainly no shortage of cash there.

My final word of advice would be to go for it – get your team to ‘full premo’ as quickly as possible then sit tight for injuries and SuperCoach finals.


Salary Cap Remaining: $37,000
Trades Remaining: 10

Jack gave us a ripping BT edition of WWSCPD last week, so I thought I’d join in the fun. It would be remiss of me to overlook a team named after one of Bristle’s favourite characters; Barrel Boy.
Liam, your team is shaping up very nicely, with 16 on the park this week before trades. You have just the two upgrades to go in order to reach ‘full premo’ and 10 trades in the bank to get you there. Both of these are in the forward line, and you are fortunate that all forward options are below $520 (says a lot about the forwards in general this year, though).

I particularly like your midfield, with six 110+ midfielders and Treloar and JPK, who are no stragglers.

You expressed your desire on the Facebook post to make two downgrades and one upgrade, with those two rookies being both Round 13 (Ryan and Brown). If you really want to take your ranking up this week



I like to see aggression in reaching a full premium team, and I reckon you can easily make three trades this week:

  1. David Myers > Luke Ryan (via Mitch Hibberd swing)– You flagged this in your comment and I think it’s a safe bet, considering Myers is having his bye and hasn’t looked like scoring high at all. Week early means you can upgrade more freely next week.
  2. Tim Taranto > Elliot Yeo – As I mentioned for the previous team, Yeo is the highest averaging forward and he should be up amongst the best for the backend of the season. Taranto has his bye this week, logical replacement, as you also said in your comment.
  3. Mitch Hannan > Callum Brown – The other trade you tabled. Callum Brown will most likely be selected next week but stranger things have happened, so it maaay be worth waiting a week.


Tim Taranto > Tom Lynch  – I am quite around Tom Lynch at the minute. Has the scope to be a top 5 forward from here on out, with Gold Coast having a decent run home, I think he could potentially be a better option than Yeo all-round.

Aaron Sandilands > Jarrod Witts – This sounds a bit crazy, but who am I to just give you standard options? If you go Taranto to Lynch, you will only have around 500-510 in the kitty, which doesn’t leave many Rnd 13 ruckman. To many people’s surprise, Witts has remained a premium ruck, averaging 95.6 points. What’s more emphatic is his five game average of 102, which I think he is capable of hitting for the rest of the year. Has only hit heights of 115 (similar to Sandi) but has been very consistent.


Get to full premo then save your trades. If you really want to go hard, maybe consider bringing in Sam Docherty. Otherwise, sit tight and trade only when you absolutely need to.

Best of luck to both of you, Danny and Liam! Don’t hesitate to tweet me at @battenball96 if you have any SuperCoach questions – same goes for the rest of you reading!


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