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Round 16 is in the books, time to assess a couple teams in the lead-up to this weekend’s matches. We’re on the home straight now (can you believe the SuperCoach finals are just three weeks away?) and it’s paramount we don’t stuff it up from here, with some SuperCoaches certainly starting to feel the heat.

If you are one of those coaches, we’ve asked you to send your team in for another week of What Would SCP Do? to see if we can help you out at all.


Salary Cap Remaining: $340,000
Trades Remaining: 5

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This is no doubt a very competitive team, but – and I really hesitate to use this highly unoriginal phrase – but it is a nearly team. Pretty much every line is set but for one player. In your defence, it is Jarrod Berry. In the midfield, it’s Alex Witherden, and in the forward line, Brett Eddy and Isaac Smith are the two who are holding you back. What makes matters worse is that it is going to be difficult to fix all of this with just five trades. But what you do have on your side is significant salary and some handy point-scorers on the bench. James Parsons did a good job covering for Eddy on the weekend, but he can’t be expected to score around the 100-mark every week, but players like Witherden, Luke Ryan and Hugh Greenwood suddenly become vitally important to your sides fortunes.


Even though he missed last week, I would fully expect Greenwood to return to Adelaide’s lineup this week, so you can swap him with Matt White, and then bring him onto the field for Eddy. It will boost your scoring and save you a trade. To complete that forward line, trading out Smith for a bigger, more consistent scorer is the way to go. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, and you’ll have the cash to trade in just about anyone, but if you swap Smith for Jack Macrae, you’ll be able to slot Nat Fyfe into your midfield – what’s more, he will only set you back $100,000 – a price you can easily afford.  It will mean you’ve got three Bulldogs in your forward line, but with no bye rounds anymore (and the three of them being predominantly midfielders anyway), this shouldn’t be an issue. I hope all the subbing and swapping hasn’t confused you too much, but being able to utilise this tool allows you much more flexibility with your side, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. So to recap:

Step 1: Swap White for Greenwood
Step 2: Swap Smith for Macrae
Step 3: Trade Smith for Fyfe


Following those steps, you’ll be left with four trades and a bit over $200,000 left in the bank, with only Berry and Witherden being players that need upgrading. Using the swap tactic again, it’s feasible that you can next week trade Berry for Joel Selwood, which again will only cost you another $100,000 to make the jump, and perhaps even less than that considering their respective breakevens. After that, you may be able to upgrade Ryan to a premium defender with your available salary using only the one trade if his price continues to go up. This will leave you with two trades that will act as insurance policies for the remainder of the season. You’ll have trades, a fully stocked team, and cover on the bench. Tick, tick and tick. Follow these steps and you should be alright.


Return of 2 Schlong

Salary Cap Remaining: $80,100
Trades Remaining: 7

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Your side is looking just about set for the run home, and you’ve still got a number of trades left as well, which is a massive bonus in a season where trades have had to be used far more frequently that we had hoped. The ruck and the midfield departments are set, which means that it’s only the forward line and the defence that need tweaking. Aaron Black has currency and is struggling for game time, so he might be one to downgrade. Jarrod Berry is another one. Berry has been more than serviceable for us this year, but he will also need to go soon.  With those two being moved on, you’ll have about $500,000 in the salary cap, and you can do plenty of upgrading with those kinds of funds!


It’s very important at this stage of the season that we don’t go throwing away our trades just for the sake of using all 30 of them. We have to be precise and tactical about who we target. With that in mind, these are the steps you should take to set up your side this week:

Step 1: Downgrade Berry to a rookie midfielder
Step 2: Swap Parsons for Macrae
Step 3: Upgrade Parsons for J.Selwood

Cheap midfield rookie options aren’t in an abundance at the moment, but considering you’ve already got Daniel Lloyd providing cover on the bench, this cash cow you bring in doesn’t necessarily have to be playing right now. Joel Selwood will likely drop in price once again this week, but it won’t be anything more than $20-30k, and considering you have almost $600,000 to play with that shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you. What’s more, it will sort out your forward with Macrae playing down there, and will add another 110+ point player in your midfield.


From here, it will be just the once spot in your defence that will need upgrading, but with five trades left after this week, and several cash cows sitting on the bench, you shouldn’t have too many issues getting a premium defender to take that sixth spot. Black, Lloyd, Alex Witherden and Luke Ryan all carry a bit of extra cash on them, and when you consider that this week’s double-trade will leave you with about $100,000 left in the bank, you can definitely get there and still have some emergency trades left in the shed. Your team looks particularly impressive, and it’s very nearly there. Just another tweak or two, and you’ll have a side opponents will not want to face in the finals.

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