What Would SCP Do?

What Would SCP Do? That’s what many of you asked this week. In a special Brian Taylor edition, strap yourselves in for this one, because wowee it’s going to be a big one.

For those of you that perhaps didn’t go to the extent one person did – I’ve replied to a few Facebook comments on the WWSCPD post.

Remember, it’s a weekly post! If you weren’t selected today – there’s always next week. Keep an eye out!


Salary Cap Remaining: $19,900
Trades Remaining: 12

I could ask where do I start, but with a name like yours… I think I’ll start with that.

For those playing along at home, it’s one of Brian Taylor’s famous phrases.

No, it has nothing to do with Orrrrrazzzziiiiioooooo. Nothing to do with ‘Boy oh Boy’ either. Finally, it’s nothing to do with a player’s origins – such as Jack Steven coming right out of the Geelong Falcons footy factory under Micky Turner, nor the fact he’s a boy from the Great Ocean Road.

Right, you’ve given up. I know. You were here to see what we would do to this lads team. Fair game. If you are curious to see his Facebook name though, here you go:

Anyway, if you’re still reading – here’s my take on Joel’s team. Actually, from this point forward I’m going to call him Brian. That should be self-explanatory.

There are two clear upgrades that will need to be made in the coming weeks. The fact you have 12 trades left suggests that you’ve used them wisely to date. Obviously, you’ll be targeting another defensive premium player, as well as a midfielder to complement your team.

Looking ahead to Round 13 quickly, you’re probably (at this stage) going to have around 15 players not playing. You’ve got six trades to use potentially before this hits, which hopefully should still allow you to post a healthy score.

Jake Barrett still has some money to make – so plan for him to be the player you upgrade after the byes. Before then though, we need to free some money up for you to do this. Jarrod Berry too has some more to give, so I’d hold him until Round 14. He’ll play in two weeks time which is what you need at this stage.

Hold Hugh Greenwood for the foreseeable future given the way he’s been scoring. David Myers though has the Round 13 bye, which is the current let-down of your team. Depending on his breakeven next week, I’d consider going slightly early and trading him out to give you money.

There’s one other aspect of your team I’d like to see you address Brian. Look up and you can probably see him. No, not ‘big boy McEvoy’ – Aaron Sandilands. He was a late out prior to Round 11 which left a few coaches playing short/er. He’s no certainty to return to the side this week either and then Fremantle have the bye the following week.

Realistically, it’s time to jump off his ship. There’s no guarantee that he’ll play out the season, even if he does miss the next two weeks. I think it’d be much safer to go with a more reliable option.

Toby Nankervis and Brodie Grundy are the two standout options at that price – but you already have both. Zac Smith is a very handy POD who will keep rising in price. He has a three round average of 110.7. If you wanted to go for a more popular option – you’ll need to bite the bullet and make a downgrade as well. Each week we look at players on the bubble – so make sure you check it out.

WWSCPD Round 12 team 1


  • Look to trade Aaron Sandilands OUT
  • Keep an eye on Berry, Myers, Barrett and Greenwood in particular – when they hit their breakeven, find a replacement
  • Look to finish your upgrades (defence and midfield)
  • Don’t burn trades just because you’re team is set, save a handful for the SuperCoach Finals rounds so you have the upper hand against your opponent

Brian, by the way – I still love your Facebook name. Respect to you.

If you have any other questions about your team or feel like a mate in your league is really battling – send them this way.

I’m happy to take your questions over on Twitter – or you can hit SCP up on either Facebook or Twitter for help from one of the team.

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