What Would SCP Do

What Would SCP DO? – Round 9

What Would SCP Do?

By James Brayshaw

“The Smurfinator”

Coach: Matthew Murphy
Rank: 41952
Trades: 19
Salary: $42,800


Walters is back this week so he can be brought back onto the field. You are sitting quite pretty at the moment, despite your rank. You can hold as you said in your post. If you wanted a cash grab, English to Crossley (for cover) or Max Lynch (for a loophole) will get you 1$60k, ready for your trades next week.

Next week, Holman to Phillips is a no brainer at this stage, then that would give you between $200k-$350k (if you go English to Lynch) for a defence upgrade

After that, Doedee/Murray/Naughton/Holman/Fritsch/Henry should all go, which will give you a completed team or close to it. On top of that, Kelly can either be traded or kept as a M9 for coverage.


Coach: Ben Littman
Rank: 5262
Trades: 20
Salary: $130,900


First of all, with Buddy back, it gives you a completed forward line, which at this stage in a nice luxury to have. Like Matthew, you can hold this week as next week you have enough funds to go one up/one down, especially with Phillips/Cumming etc on the bubble next week.

Next week, I’d go Finlayson to Luke Ryan (got quite a few games at Optus where he averages about 100) or Yeo/Hurn/Sicily depending on funds and Holman to Ed Phillips. That should leave you with just Murray and Doedee as your last upgrades (Kelly can be bench cover for mids).

A couple of luxury trades once you have completed your team might be Naitanui and Dusty out? Might give you an advantage to work your way into the top 1000 by years end!


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