What Would SCP Do

WWSCPD – Round 10

What Would SCP Do?


Coach: Jayce

Salary: $80,900

Trades: 21

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Best options this week to generate cash is offloading the injured Naughton to either Jordan Ridley or Bailey Rice – although Ridley scored more, I feel Rice’s job is much safer in St Kilda’s back six with Hurley soon to be back. You can also choose to toss Mitch Crowden, who has hit a major wall and doesn’t seem like providing scores worthy for even a reserves spot. Crowden to Tim Smith from Melbourne might be the go, after Smith scored 91 against the Blues.

Crowden to Smith will generate just 80k, whereas Naughton to Rice will provide you with 166k to throw on top of what’s already in the bank. This will set you up to use a second trade, and moving Finlayson to a premium midfielder is a no brainer. He has another high breakeven, and is at the ripe price of $334,800. You should be looking to fill your midfielders with premiums before any other line. If no one interest you, use one trade and wait a week



Coach: Dave

Trades: 16

Salary: $34,500


Using nearly half your trades so far has set the “Rubber Duckies” up nicely heading into the bye rounds, however you have an opportunity here to generate some cash if you feel necessary. Down back there’s either Jeremy Finlayson or Sam Murray who can be moved to either Jordan Ridley or Bailey Rice, but you’re in the position of no carnage now, and waiting a week to see if there’s better options might work out.


However, thinking ahead might get you somewhere. Downgrading Murray this week may give you enough cash to then trade one of Doedee, Finlayson or even Nick Coffield (via Finlayson) to a premium defender such as Jake Lloyd, who is about to sky rocket in price with a break-even of 6.  Look to grab your fourth star defender in Lloyd before it’s too late, even if it means you have 14 trades left heading into this week. Another option down back is Fremantle’s Luke Ryan – who is priced around $450,000 with an extremely low breakeven on the back of some huge scores.


Elsewhere, your lines look set for another few weeks, with only Tim Kelly, Jaidyn Stephenson and Ben Ronke you’re on-field rookies. This week, Jack Henry should be suitable to cover Robbie Gray while Port Adelaide enjoy their bye.

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