WWSCPD – Round 16

Round 15 is in the books, time to assess a couple teams in the lead-up to this weekend’s matches. The bye is done and our premiums are back, but some teams find themselves in a real predicament with minimal trades and carnage hovering.

If you’re one of those coaches, we’ve asked you to send your team in for another week of What Would SCP Do?


Salary Cap Remaining: $197,100
Trades Remaining: 4


Just four trades left? There’s still a long way to go and in the case of ‘I Kick With No Feet’ – I’d be worried.

In saying that though, I really like your team. A great mix of quality premiums and players that you can upgrade/downgrade in the coming weeks.

In terms of attacking the next few weeks – I’d look to do a downgrade/upgrade week, while saving two trades up the sleeve for possible injury purposes.

Keep an eye on guys such as Matt White, Hugh Greenwood, Harley Balic, Tom Stewart and James Stewart – they all hold enough value to make an upgrade to a premium (after another downgrade) in the coming weeks.

If you were to do so this week, maybe Tom Stewart could be the one to go given your defensive line looks pretty set. Alex Witherden ($117,300) is one player on the bubble who has also looked really solid in his first two games for the Lions. By making this move it would allow you to have a healthy $407,600 in the bank for the coming weeks. In my opinion, this is the way to go.

In terms of making that last upgrade – look to someone who isn’t doing much in the scoring department for your side. Hugh Greenwood might not be playing this week but his scoring has been phenomenal for a rookie. James Stewart is averaging just 63.1, while Matt White is putting up some mediocre scores and could be turned into a damaging midfielder.

Ultimately though, for the coach of ‘I Kick With No Feet’ – stay strong. Look to make that one last upgrade and try and bank a large amount of cash for use in the remaining few rounds.



Salary Cap Remaining: $15,600
Trades Remaining: 7


I really like this team put together by Michael. The ‘Grizzly Bears’ are looking pretty good down the home straight with seven trades up the sleeve and a little bit of bank.

Your defensive line appears to be fully premium’d out, which is a great sign, while your midfield is pretty solid but like you said – holds a few players who appear to be underperforming now. Patrick Dangerfield, Tom Mitchell, Adam Treloar, Clayton Oliver, Josh P. Kennedy and Dan Hannebery are definitely worth sticking with regardless. Ollie Wines and Nat Fyfe may be the two guys that you could transform into a better performing midfielder.

In regards to your ruck line, it’s set, while your forward line only needs one more upgrade, but even then Hugh Greenwood has been in great scoring form.

One move you could make this week is to move Luke Strandica into your forward line and downgrade Brett Eddy to Sean Darcy ($117,300), however that wouldn’t allow you to increase your bank by much.

My opinion would be to hold off on the trades this week and wait for your current rookies to increase a bit more in price until you make a move. This would allow you to eventually downgrade them and make more bank, subsequently allowing for more flexibility with an upgrade.

Ultimately, I’d try and upgrade your last forward plus upgrade either of Wines or Fyfe to a more consistent and higher scoring midfielder.

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