WWSCPD – Round 20

If you’re one of those coaches, we’ve asked you to send your team in for another week of What Would SCP Do?


Salary Cap: $29,200
Trades Remaining: 2

1.2 1

This team – I like despite just the two trades remaining.

Keep in mind it’s pretty common for people at this stage to get low on trades.

Your backline is great apart from a lack of cover and the underperforming Heath Shaw, midfield is great, ruck is good apart from Jarrod Witts being out this week, and your forward line is solid with a unique player or two.

With Patrick Dangerfield – don’t trade him. Definitely, use either Alex Witherden or Hugh Greenwood as cover as they are both very good scorers anyway. Jarrod Witts is another whom is out, and so is Sean Darcy. At this stage of the season you can’t afford a donut, therefore there is just one trade that I would propose (also very optional): Jarrod Witts for Max Gawn.

Gawn has been up and down since his injury but is priced at just $456,600 and has scored 111 and 108 in his last two outings, which suggests he may be getting his performances back on track.

Apart from that, your team looks good. You don’t have enough trades to justify making any downgrades. If you can try and at least save a couple trades in the bag. However, there is also one to consider if you’re keen on avoiding that big, fat zero.


Salary Cap: $80,100
Trades Remaining: 5



This team is very intriguing, especially with a healthy five trades left in the bag.

In terms of making moves, there are players that my eyes are instantly drawn to are Jarrod Berry, Nic Newman, Toby Greene and of course Patrick Dangerfield.

Apart from Newman, you’ve basically fully premium’d your side which is great to see. First things first, Dangerfield can stay. Alex Witherden is great cover and should be more than fine to be on your field for a week. Greene also isn’t out for too long and is scoring pretty well. Hugh Greenwood has been pretty solid all year and should also be a fine addition to your scoring players until Greene returns.

In terms of generating some more cash for a big upgrade, I’m going to recommend one trade. Berry may be returning this week however given his price could be a player used to add some cash to the salary cap, especially given his breakeven of 67 is larger than his seasonal average.

My recommendation would be to, therefore, trade out Berry and bring in Adelaide’s Alex Keath. His job security looks to be really good despite his tendency to bring low scores as a lockdown defender. However, he’ll play and be that bench cover if worst comes to worst. Look on the bright side – you’re banking a whopping $234,200 if you make this move.

With so many trades though don’t look to burn them all quick. You have one to consider this week, otherwise, I’d say save the rest for a bit of flexibility in a time of emergency. Good luck!

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