WWSCPD – Round 21

What Would SuperCoach Paige Do this week? Josh Scott and Vincent McIlwain, cast your eyes over this article very carefully – you two have had your teams selected this week. With just three rounds to go, every single trade you have left needs to be used wisely.


Salary Cap: $94,600
Trades Remaining: 2



With just a few rounds to go, this team looks solid despite a couple of hiccups here and there.

Zach Merrett’s one-week suspension will no doubt hurt, however, Corey Maynard looked good last week and I like that you’ve got the ability to be able to play him on your field for the week.

You have noted you want to get rid of both Joel Selwood and Tom Lynch, which in my opinion is 100% fair enough. Both don’t look like returning for the remaining home and away rounds, therefore, it would seem appropriate to burn your last two trades on bringing in two new players.

First of all, a replacement for Lynch. There are two players I’m going to suggest, both of whom could be considered players of difference given their low ownership’s – Jack Billings ($447,200) and James Sicily ($438,000). The reason I suggest these two players is based on the fact there are no real standout forwards remaining and both have been in pretty good form recently.

Billings is coming off scores of 130 and 103, however, his year has been very up-and-down. Sicily, on the other hand, has been in tremendous form since a role change – now playing predominantly as a defender. He has averaged a very respectable 110.3 points per game in his last three outings and is also coming off a 130-point display against the Tigers last week. Personally, I’ve chosen Sicily to replace Lynch given his strong finish to the year. If neither take your fancy then the likes of Josh J. Kennedy ($448,200) or Toby Greene ($508,100) are also worth considering.

Now to Selwood’s replacement. After trading out Lynch it seems likely you’ll only have around $50k to spend. In your comment on our ‘WWSCPD’ post someone suggested Bryce Gibbs, and honestly, he is probably your best bet. Despite some average scores across his last three weeks, he may be the only worthy option below that $515k mark. Has averaged 105.1 for the year and coming off a 124-point outing so is certainly no dud. Others to consider include Adam Treloar ($493,500) or even Daniel Rich ($474,200) – both of whom have been solid in there the last couple of weeks.

Good luck Josh.


Salary Cap: $11,300
Trades Remaining: 2


Just $11,300 in the bank to go along with your two trades – this is tough!

However, looking at your side Vincent it’s not all that bad. You don’t have the likes of Brodie Grundy, Zach Merrett, Joel Selwood or Tom Lynch so there’s no desperate need for trades this week.

Given the amount of salary cap space that you have, there’s really only one option (if any at all) and that’s to make a downgrade.

Personally, I would suggest not making any moves due to there still being three rounds to go. Although in saying that, it could also be very handy to build on your salary cap so you can make one big upgrade either next week or the week after.

If you were to make that single downgrade I’d be looking at offloading Ben Ainsworth given his relatively high price tag and absence from the Gold Coast side due to injury at the moment. Corey Maynard ($102,400) is a name that springs to mind as a possible replacement given his breakeven of -82, however, he could also be brought in next week if you would prefer to hold that second trade in case of any injuries or suspensions that could hurt your team throughout Round 21. Brisbane’s Jacob Allison ($117,300) could also be considered.

Ultimately, you just need to hope your team stays healthy this week. Your salary cap is a little bit of a worry with just two trades remaining, however in saying that it’s also not a bad thing either with so little of the season to go. With those two trades look to make a downgrade-upgrade move in the next week or two to properly maximise your team’s potential with three rounds remaining.

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