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This is it. Grand Final week. By now, most will have fallen short –  only the very best or the very lucky will still be in the hunt for Premiership glory this weekend. For those who are no longer running that race, there is still one more week for us to force our way up the rankings ladder, and finish as strongly as we can. By now, most sides will be fresh out of trades, which gives those that do have them a massive advantage this week; DO NOT WASTE IT! Fortunately, we’re here to help out those asking for it for one final time in Season 2017. Before we start, us at SuperCoach Paige would like to thank all of you for your submissions throughout the season. Of course, this segment wouldn’t have been at all possible without your cooperation and contributions. Now, let’s get started for the last time:


TEAM: Submitted by Scott Warwick

Trades Remaining: 2
Remaining Salary: $58,100


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With two trades left and plenty of cash sitting on your bench, your opponents should be very envious and wary of you this week, Warwick! With such a dangerous side coming off a big score last week, it wouldn’t surprise me if you have qualified into a Grand Final. However, the team isn’t perfect. With Michael Hurley set to miss again this week due to injury, there is no point holding onto him, so he can be traded out.  Considering you own every defender that averages over 100 points, we’ll have to dig a little deeper to find your answer, but it lies with Richmond back-flanker Bachar Houli. Whilst he made plenty of headlines for his four-week suspension earlier in the year, He was averaging almost 100 points by the time of his suspension and scored 132 points last week, hinting at a return to form as the Tigers charge towards the finals.

With that trade, you’re left with around $125,000 left in available salary with one trade left, meaning you can upgrade to just about anyone in the game. With the defence now set, and the forward line and ruck looking like improvement would be limited, I see the midfield as the only area that would be worth consolidating. As serviceable as Ollie Wines has been this season, you may as well upgrade to an ultra-reliable gun for this last week to try and get as big a score as possible. With that in mind, I see Clayton Oliver as the go-to man for you. With just five scores below 100 all season and nothing below 80, you can’t really go wrong by bringing him in, as he is a virtual guarantee to hit the three-figure mark this week.

Trade One: Trade Michael Hurley for Bachar Houli
Trade Two: 
Trade Ollie Wines for Clayton Oliver


TEAM: Submitted by Dean Lawson

Trades Remaining: 1
Salary Remaining: $64,000

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This team is a very good one, but clearly, circumstances have arisen that have prevented you from being able to stack the team full of superstars. However, there is still an opportunity for you to upgrade one more player with one trade remaining and just over $60k in the bank. Just out of reach is upgrading Nankervis to Lance Franklin, which is a real shame.  But in defence, Matt Sharenberg has been solid as a cash cow, but with one week left, you can afford to upgrade him with all the funds you’ve got. Trading him out leaves you with $439,900 to spend, and Alex Rance falls just $500 within that budget, and he would be an ideal get to complete your defence. You’ll still have cover on every other line, and a plpayer capable of having a massive game this weekend – which could be the difference between a good score and a great one.

Trade One: Upgrade Matthew Scharenberg for Alex Rance


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