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WWSCPD – Round 3

We’re two rounds into the season, and by now we’re starting to see which players are turning it on for SuperCoaches around the world, whilst we also can see those that have started to burn us. This week, in ‘What Would SCP Do’, Jayce and Mitch have their teams put under the microscope. 

Team Name: kellakonquererS
Jayce Kelleher
Trades Remaining:
Salary Cap:

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You have some cash to splash, and one thing that stands out is Dane Rampe. He put in an eye-catching 148 point performance in his sole JLT appearance. To date though, he’s averaging less than 50 – albeit from only two games. If you’re happy to use the free cash you have – upgrading him to Kade Simpson seems to be your best bet. Aaron Naughton hasn’t put in a great season, SuperCoach wise, to date either. Jeremy Finlayson is another rookie to consider down back – who you could swing down back and bring in a midfielder.

Your midfield premium setup is good, with the only noticeable issue being maximising scoring potential. It’s hard, especially with the unpredictability of rookies. Given Nick Holman’s form to date though – I would probably lean towards starting him over Andrew Brayshaw. Your rucks are doing the job, and you have a R3 – who isn’t expensive and will do a job if Max Gawn or Toby Nankervis are a late out.

Lance Franklin has turned out to be a great selection – but don’t be too surprised if he is patchy. By that, I mean he’s not going to be hitting triple figures week in, week out. Last season, he he eight games where he scored below 80, and unfortunately you have to take the good with the bad if you have a player like him. I’d probably also start Liam Ryan over Darcy Fogarty given the difference seen in their outputs.


Team Name: Chips N Gravy
Coach: Mitch Davey
Trades Remaining:
Salary Cap: 



Mitch, after a respectable score of 2166 in Round 2 – now is a great chance to make a trade or two prior to the first price change.

Looking at your remaining salary cap, I’d be using up most of this – as it’s not doing anything sitting in the bank.

Your backline looks fine for now. There has been a fair bit of discussion within the SuperCoach circles about Michael Hibberd and his output. It appears that his role has changed a bit – no longer being the player responsible for the majority of kickouts. If I was you – I might also start Jeremy Finlayson over Sam Murray. However, going on step further – you could emergency loophole one over the other, utilising your non-playing Hawthorn rookie.

Moving onto your midfield, I’m not sure that you can hold Matt Crouch. He’s out for around three weeks, but taking into account the fact you still have 30 trades and given your bench options – I’d look to off-load him for another premium player.

Lachie Whitfield is a great selection, and I’d be backing Marcus Bontempellli to bounce back on a more consistent basis soon. Personally I wouldn’t have started with Jaeger O’Meara – but we all have to take our own risks, and hopefully he’s one that can pay off for you.

Your forward line (given there’s not much to say about your rucks) is where money could be spent. Your premium players are fine – but I’d be looking to bring in another close-to-premium priced player at the expense of Tom Bell. With around $500k to spend – Justin Westhoff is one player who has started off the year well. He comes with DPP (not that you’d probably need him in your midfield), and is playing Brisbane this weekend. It would be a risky move, but given he’s only in 2% of teams – could pay dividends. Charlie Curnow is another one who could pay off, being in only 5% of teams (and is slightly cheaper). Other options you could consider would be Toby McLean or Charlie Dixon.

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