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WWSCPD – Round 4

With a host of players having played their third game of the season now, prices have fluctuated for the first time, meaning that breakevens will suddenly take on a whole new level of importance between now and season’s end, which only serves to add another dimension to the already-complicated concept that is SuperCoach. Fortunately, we’re on hand to help out those who seek our assistance.

Team Name: FreshPrinceofSC
Coach: Jacob Coxall
Trades Remaining: 28
Salary Cap: 247,800

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With $247,800 gathering dust on the sidelines, there’s only one thing to do: spend it! Where to spend it, however, is a slightly more complicated matter, given that there a number of players that you could consider trading out of your side this week.

The fact that you’ve only used two trades up until this point is a good sign as it suggests that your side has been fairly settled so far and hasn’t been plagued too much by injury (fingers crossed it stays that way). Liam Ryan is the exception to this rule, though, with his recent ankle injury set to keep him on the sidelines for 10-12 weeks. Fortunately, you won’t be the only one with him in your side, and you have ample cover for him. I would have suggested trading Ryan out for Jack Higgins, but with Higgins being dropped this week after just one game, this probably wouldn’t be an overly wise move.

For such an expensive rookie, Andrew Brayshaw hasn’t exactly set the world on fire early on in his career at Fremantle, averaging just over 50 points in his first three games. Given his relatively-high price tag, it won’t be long before his breakevens start to become scores he isn’t capable of achieving if he maintains this scoring rate, but he could very easily turn the corner and start producing better scores. Besides, trading him out will leave you with just $461,400 in the bank, and there aren’t many midfielders worth going after in that price range, anyway.

With that in mind, the player I would be looking at offloading would be Allen Christensen. Whilst an average of 80.3 points over the first three games is hardly a disgrace, you could be doing much better for yourself in that forward line, and you may as well go after a premium with all that spare cash you’ve got, which, if you were to trade Christensen out, would leave you with $551,900 to spend. Isaac Heeney ($536,400) would be the obvious choice given how prolific and popular he has been so far this season, but if you’re looking to forge your own path and go for something a bit different (which appears to be your plan given some of your selections), then I’d be going after Toby McLean ($493, 300). Being given more midfield time by the Bulldogs this year, McLean’s three-game average of 110.3 actually betters Heeney’s start to the season (106.3), and will also save you an extra $40,000, which could very easily come in handy when it comes to upgrading rookies as the season progresses.


Team Name: Akermanis
Coach Name: Jason Adam
Trades Remaining: 28
Salary Cap: $185,300


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It’s likely to have been a pretty rosy start to the season for you, Jason, as you’ve not made many trades at all and most lines are looking fairly settled heading into Round 4. I think your midfield can be left alone for a while given the constellation of stars that inhabit it, and the set-and-forget ruck combination has also served you well so far. Like many coaches, what to do about Liam Ryan will likely be at the forefront of your thinking, but I would be careful not to forget about some of the other rookies that you have on the bench. The one that sticks out for me is Aaron Naughton. As talented as he is, his scoring hasn’t matched the same levels that he was producing during the JLT Community Series, and his breakeven is starting to slowly creep up. Naughton’s teammate Ed Richards ($135,300) is much more of a natural ball-winner, meaning he is more likely to accrue more points over the course of most matches, and given Luke Beveridge’s desire to blood younger players this season, it shouldn’t surprise many if Richards was to play most of the season. Given that he will play his third game this week, this is the week to get on board with him though.

As for Ryan, there are a couple of options to consider, but it is hard to go past Esava Ratugolea ($123,900) at this stage. He may not be considered an elite of the competition, but at that price tag he doesn’t need to be. If he continues to play at AFL level and improve he will inevitably make some cash for you as the season ticks along, but given the cover that you already have in the forward line, it would hardly be a disaster if he were to suddenly go missing.  He could always be used to help out with any captain’s loophole ploys you attempt to implement, should you succeed in taking a chance on one of those forwards. By making these two trades, you will have saved yourself over another $100,000, allowing you to do some serious upgrading over the next few weeks.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Daniel H

    April 13, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    My preference is to drop Liam Ryan no matter what your bench strength is and to purchase either another cash cow like Ratugolea or consider an early, slightly bolder move with someone like Jesse Hogan who is expected to rise another $48.4k next week. It depends on how balanced your forward like is vs how you want to manage the mix of cashing in and out players over the longer term.

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