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WWSCPD – Round 8

It’s that time of the week again, coaches, where we take an eye off of our teams to analyse sides from the SuperCoach Paige community. As Round 8 approaches, sides are starting to take shape with the first batch of rookies being recycled and stars in form entering our line-ups. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, however, with suspensions and injuries throwing curve balls to keep us on our toes. This week, I will look at the teams of Bon and Thomas, two coaches that sit just outside of the fabled top 10,000.

guns for hire

Guns For Hire
Coach: Bon Draper
Ranking: 10,576
Trades Remaining: 22
Salary Cap: $2100

Bon, congratulations on your efforts so far! For the most part your team is looking very solid and is generating considerable bank for future upgrades.

One glaring issue that stands out this week is the absence of NicNat. With your side placed well in the rankings, the question is how highly you value the trade that could be used to trade him and stick with the pack. Personally, I would hold him for the week but if this isn’t an option, consider downgrading the likes of Holman (via DPP) or Rayner who are nearly finished generating cash to Charlie Spargo ($117k), which then allows you to upgrade NicNat straight to Brodie Grundy, the man who I believe will challenge Gawn for the top ruck spot. Even if you stick with the West Coast star, I would still look to bring in Spargo this week to continue the rookie cycle as it appears that the likes of the aforementioned rookies as well as Paddy Dow, Aaron Naughton and Bailey Fritsch are nearing their price ceiling.

In your submission you asked for advice on your longer-term trading strategy. Honestly, you are in a brilliant position and your job should be relatively straightforward. Keep recycling through rookies as they hit their peak price and steadily upgrade your team to a line-up stacked with premium talent. You have used eight trades thus far, which I would say is about par, but really you want your side to come out of the byes complete so don’t be afraid to keep using them as long as each one has justifiable value.

Good luck for this week and beyond Bon!

second1 second two

Walk with Elias
Coach: Thomas Goldsmid
Ranking: 19,637
Trades Remaining: 22
Salary Cap: $6400

My thoughts are a little different when it comes to your side, Thomas. Despite advocating an aggressive double trade for the team above, I suggest the complete opposite to you; no trades at all. The only moves that would be worth considering would be to downgrade Brayshaw and make a defensive upgrade. However, although the breakevens of Finlayson, Doedee and Murray are relatively high I think Brayshaw may have a little bit of money to make and you would be short of affording top defenders such as Hurley, Yeo and Simpson anyway. Thus, it wouldn’t be worth making a sub-par defensive upgrade for the sake of it so you should exercise your will power and pull yourself away from the trade button this week!

In coming weeks, definitely look to utilise the value of your bench rookies to make inroads towards a premium defence as this is the area in which you are currently lacking. Aim to purchase top-tier players after a brief form slump or minor injury to stretch your funds as far as possible.

All the best!

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